So for the last couple years I've been "KnittingKnerd the poster (or Kim, my real name, the girl...) who wants to be a nurse..." or "KK the nursing student." Which strikes me as weird that people know me as that because a couple years ago I was the preschool teacher and nursing wasn't on my radar.

My professor told the class we should write why we want to be nurses, what it means to be a caring nurse, and then come back to it after we have graduated. I'm doing the assignment, but I'm blogging it as a way to... get cyber help and help someone in cyber space perhaps...

First question:
Why I want to be a nurse?
I don't know. Seriously I lack an answer. I know the standard responses: I want to help people; I think I could make a difference in the world; I can help people at their worst... I don't think that's me. Yeah helping and caring for people is all great, and we should all try that, but that seems cliche and the easy answer. Right now my overarching answer is "It seems fun." That sounds nuts because as a nurse there's sick people. I read a survey that people in the medical field (specifically parts that see sick people all the time and no one getting better) have a high depression rate and that nurses have a high divorce rate (blame the weird hours). Whatever...I like the physical aspect of the job. As an aide I get a lot of that, and I am hoping as a nurse I can still do that.

I dig the fact that nursing uses a lot of my "quirks" and the things I like and puts them into a career. I like learning about weird things, like diseases. I like to write (nurse's notes and assessments), and apparently I am good at dosages... Who'd have thought that? I also grew up in hospitals (my dad was HUGE into "Take your kid to work day") so that whole fear of hospitals isn't there.

A contributing aspect to why I want to be a nurse is due to Delta and the Tesoro fire at our local refinery (google Tesoro fire and you'll find it). If there's an emergency I don't want to sit on the sidelines. I hate feeling powerless and as an emergency responder, sure it's gonna' suck and PTSD isn't fun, but at least I know I did something (rather than flee). Plus I like getting to wear a hazmat suit. That's kinda' cool.

Is that an answer or a couple of examples and me saying "here!"? I don't
know. I can't pin point reasons why I want to be a nurse because it's more of a feeling.

Part B being a caring nurse...

Once again lack words. I just think of my co-worker on the Delta team. She is amazing and being caring doesn't mean being passive and nice all the time.

I hate the word caring it's cliche and has lost its meaning. I want to be the nurse that knows her stuff. I hate those co-workers (in any profession) that are "nice" but when it comes to doing their job, they can't... But their nice. Know your stuff (I am substituting "stuff" for a word that sounds like hit. That's the way I say it in my brain). So I want to be that nurse. I want to be the nurse that okay my bedside manner may not be perfect, but I will argue with your doctor at 2am because pain meds are needed or save the figurative your tushy if there's been a disaster. That's the nurse I want to be, I wonder if that fits into the assignments parameters.

...Wow this is long.