My Micechatter friends, family, and readers that happen upon this:

I somehow rock! This quarter sucked. This quarter handed my tushy to me on a platter. I failed my first test of the quarter. I barely passed the second test. And then something happened... I bowled a 37. Then I decided to stop thinking how I "should study" for nursing school (which was read, highlight, and listen to lecture. Black and white), and study the way I know I study which is with crayons and colors. And somehow by the skin of my teeth (82.1%--- passing is 78%) I passed. I thought I needed to post this to my MC blog. Maybe I've been imbibing a little too much lambic (ohhh berry!), but I figure I was supported by my MC friends to go to CNA school, then nursing school, so I should point out when I do well. And because I always try to relate a MC blog to Disney sadly this song was sorta' the song that I was rocking out to when I was extra down:

Yes, I am that geeky where Disney Channel Movies for tweens put a smile on face and tell me to suck it up and do it.