So I haven't posted a blog in a while... Part of me has been busy, part of me thinks that my silly nursing school rants aren't really "Micechat worthy" (why read about nursing in a Disney site?), and other part is just... if you want to know what's happening you can read my facebook status which is pretty much a diary of verbal diarrhea some days.

But then my knee happened and it has given me sometime to think, along with some sage advice to give. And that's what I think is important because if anything this knee thing has given me some perspective and confidence about my career path.

It's weird because a lot of people here don't really know the Kim that didn't want to be a nurse. I had no desire to be a nurse growing up. It wasn't until the last :::counts on fingers and toes::: 4 years (?) that really the idea came into my head and initially doing my CNA was a way to shut my mom up, quite frankly. I taught preschool, wanted to be a professional writer, all creative fields. Then the economy dumped and I am here. Do I love this new career path? Yes. Do I think I have touched onto something in me that I didn't know I had? Heck yes! But sometimes I see the other side of it and what I gave up, and I kinda' yearn for that aspect too. It's so weird because in my nursing program last quarter I did National Novel Writing Month, while working, and going to school, and having a social life... And it reminded me of balance. I forgot about that. I thought I had to be "Super Science Queen!" But writing fantasy while juggling all that....Even the director of my program said "Only Kim can write a book in nursing school."

That brings me to the 93 days. I have 93 days left of my LPN program. In 93 days I will graduate and be a licensed practical nurse. Let that sink in. It's made me realize things about my career and important steps along the way to remind people who are thinking of doing this.... a quarter life crisis so to speak (and when I heard John Mayer sing about that years ago I thought it was such a romantic thing... It sucks. Seriously it does. To be 25 and not know what you're going to do with your life after thinking it was figured out.). I am taking my dad on a Disney Cruise to the Western Caribbean the week of July 20th to celebrate (hey my Disney reference!), because he dragged me through this kicking and screaming.

Here's my "sage" advice and my knee drama:
Long story short relating to that thing I do between the hours of 2300-0730 3 days a week, I now have a "possible torn meniscus" which sounds super serious and yucky. It kinda' is. I was wearing a GIANT immobilizer for a week to work, to school, to life. It sucks when you're a CNA and you can't bend your knees. You move weird and then have snotty nurses asking "why aren't you moving faster?" You kinda' want to give the finger and say "get off your (bad word) and help." But because of the drama that happened with the specifics of the incident regarding my knee it taught me that being a nurse's aide has so prepared me for being a nurse. I know how to handle situations. I know when to call codes, I know how to deal with people more than if I had just gone to school for my RN, I have more confidence at bedside skills, which really that's important for nursing. Bottom line if you're thinking about being a nurse, take a CNA class and actually work as a nurse's aide. You learn a lot.

There are my rants.