I have worked a varied lot of jobs so I have met some interesting and diverse people, but the day I heard THE voice I was blown away.
I was working in a small shop in the airport, it was a specialty shop that has since gone out of business since the event of 9/11, I will always miss it. The products were not necessities in anyway, we didn't have magazines, or drinks, travel kits, or napping pillows, it was all art reporductions and little statues and such.
We got quite a few celebrities into the store, my first was Bill Nye the science guy, he was very tall and quiet, he bought a reproduction ship whistle and a kazoo, super nice guy. I was an avid watcher of his pbs show at the time so I was quite impressed, I had to explain to my coworkers who he was though.
David Arquette was also very nice he tried a bit to hard at being incognito though, he had on this cheesy green visor with flashing lights on it, his hair was poofing out over the top in a haphazard fashion, and great big sunglasses which covered a lot of his face. This wa back before he married Courtney Cox but they were dating, he spent quite awhile looking at the jewelry trying to figure out what to get for her, I was very impressed with how much he knew about her. Being a salesperson I recommened our more expensive items first, but he waved them away and said, "she doesn't like gold", he picked out a beautiful garnet and silver necklace, and knew she would love it.
The day I was completely blown away though was the day I heard THE voice, I was standing around by the kids section when I heard it, the resounding notes that I'd only heard on radio and television and looked around in disbelief thinking it had to be coming from one of these sources, but I was wrong, there stood James Earl Jones. He was dressed in jeans and an old flannel shirt and was chatting with his friends the voice seemed to resonate through the whole store. He purchased a ship in a bottle kit and a kazoo and my coworker that rang him up looked at him with a squint, and said "Do I know you from somewhere? Are you on TV or something?" He smiled, chuckled, and said yes, looked over at me, I was still standing there in shock and he winked at me, finished paying and left the store. My coworker turned to me and said, "Do you know who that was?" I replied quickly," That was James Earl Jones!"