In around 12 hours I will be somewhere between here and the USA, in the perspective time machine.

I'll leave Adelaide at 9:30am on the 15th September.

While the Sun makes his trip around two thirds of the Planet, bringing Australia's yesterday to the USA's tomorrow, I'll be sitting in an aluminium tube trying to cross the other third in the opposite direction in only 15 minutes.

I'll arrive in LAX at 9:45 on the 15th of September.

Neat trick, wait until you see what I do on the way back.

I've been promised WiFi in my hotel, so if that works, the next transmission will be from the surface of the Moon. Or possibly from Anaheim, California.

I'm not much of a blogger, but people have requested "photos, lots of photos". So also dependent on the WiFi connection I will be posting some. Probably not in the first couple of days, as I'll be too busy being selfish to take the camera.

I'm also not very mobile, as I wont have a car. I do have the entire guide to Orange County's public transport system, so I may make a few expeditions. No promises.