Do you ever wake up just knowing the day is going to suck? Yeah, that's kinda how today went. I had to go to work last night at 2:00a.m. I got home at 7a.m. and slept for an hour when I woke up because my earing got caught on the blanket and got ripped out. I tripped out of bed and messed up my foot and the entire day went downhill from there. I had a huge falling out with my mom and now she acts like she hates me, the cat is running from me because she thinks it is time to play. I went to the park this afternoon to cool off and a bird bombed me. On my way home I was flipped off by a random stranger and then I messed up my wrist trying to open the door to the house.
The people who need to shut up just won't; ugh. Hopefully tomorrow is better.