Oh boy, I'm sure feeling terrible about taking this week long cruise to the Caribbean while Olivia has to stay home. I'm feeling extremely guilty. We have had this cruise planned for about a year and a half which was before I got Olivia from the shelter. At the time I had never had another cat to call my own, the closest I had to a pet was 6 goldfish. I thought that it would be easy to have her stay with someone and I wouldn't feel even a tad bit bad. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. I know she is going to be staying with an amazingly wonderful animal-person who has an old cat & little dog of her own,
but I still am having a hard time even thinking about leaving my precious love-buggie with someone else while I go and have fun. :crybye:My goodness this is hard. I think anyone who has animals knows the pain, but I never imagined it being this difficult. I think my biggest fear is that something will happen to me on the flight there or on the flight back and I won't get home safely to my baby Ollie. I'm trying to keep my mind off of it and think positive but it's a difficult task. I think this is the end of my little blog, for now at least.