Errrrr. I'm completely besides myself with anger at this point in time - my --- who lives about 15 minutes away from me needed to borrow my fairly new Honda Fit for the weekend while I went to Los Angeles. I agreed and told him to just make sure it was clean and to return it to my apartment by Sunday at 2. I just got home and opened up the passenger door to get out some scissors from the glove box and discovered that the inside of the car had been TRASHED with soda cans and scraps and there was wood shavings all inside it. I'm pissed. It's as simple as that. I keep that car in mint condition and an idiot completely destroys the inside. That just goes to prove it, you can't trust ANYONE with ANYTHING it seems. It really disappoints me because it is a FAMILY member who would have the nerve to do this. :rant::rant::rant:

Rant over.