It makes me cringe when I think of your face. I don't see how you could have hurt a daughter, a wife, and a family without even a drop of heart. Letting go is the hardest thing, but I know it's the only way. In all circumstances, we learn how to maneuver our life but not the people in it. With that in mind, I suppose that you just need to fly and be free. The past will always be there - but the memories will be forgotten. I don't want to remember, I want to see you fade. I honestly cannot silence my heart because it's throbbing for the fact that you weren't there. Why should I cap my time waiting for you to glue the pieces back together? And with all due belief - being without you is the best punishment I could ever ask for. I guess the future is better left unsaid. Your approval is unnecessary and unneeded. I am bound and determined to become callus to your voice and words - because in the end, it's your words that will bounce back at you. So do us all a favor, and take your sorry soul're no longer welcome here.