Many of you know I look in on my mom a couple times a week after work. See how she is, have dinner with her.

Lately though, it's becoming harder for me to go over there. All I want to do is go HOME after work, but there's this nagging guilty feeling that I feel I need to do this.

My other siblings aren't around to go visit her. My sister never drives in just to see her, she sees her when -I- drive her to her house. My brother lives too far, but he manages to see her at least a few times during the year.

And it's not like I'm having to DO anything there anymore, we have a gardner that took over my duties in that department. The only thing I do is take her car to get gas in it once a month (she can't pump it herself).

I know she appreciates my visits and I'm glad it gives her something to look forward to. And it's not like she's a spring chicken at 83 1/2, so I know she won't be around forever and I should cherish her now. But on the other hand I feel selfish and just want to go home.