Get Park Wise:

Walk past the Picture Spot sign and you will be at the Animal Kingdom turnstiles.

Who needs a park hopper?

Well, the reality is that with careful planning, no one actually needsConsider getting the park hopper if you:

Considering skipping the hopper o
ption if you:

At least you can look at Spaceship Earth while you are waiting to enter the park.

Adding the park hopper option:
Visit Guest Services to add the Park Hopper option or to upgrade to an Annual Pass.
Get Park Wise:
If you decide not to get the hopper, make sure you make your dining reservations for the park you'll be in that day. It's easy to do since Disney announces park hours prior to the 180-mark for making dining reservations, so you'll know which park is having extra magic hours and any special events well in advance.

What about you? Do you get the park hopper?