This morning as I trudged out the door I was pleasantly surprised even though it is thoroughly wet outside, it was not raining for the moment. After last nights experience of stepping out of the pick up and into a 9 inch deep puddle, I was glad to not get soaked just going 30 yards! Anyone who knows me knows how much I loath the rain, as a sensible person however, I know we need it. We desperately need it this year to avoid a severe drought. I remember a few years back when the lake was so full it was at its capacity, you could stand out on the dam and look at the lake so full and reflective of the beautiful scenery. We haven't seen that in quite some time, in fact last year it was so empty that you could drive out across many areas that haven't seen the light of day in over 30 years! Car bridges, train tunnels and remnants of old past towns became the new interest instead of house boats and jet skis. From a historical perspective it was interesting to say the least, however saddening as our local economy dependent on tourism and recreational lake revenue took a hard hit, 2 years in a row! This past year we have had a 4% drop in population due to the unemployment rate rising to over 16% in our county.

I suppose as I selfishly long for shallow puddles, I do have to be thankful for the deep ones, perhaps a change of tide will come to our community along with the rain!