Oh how the weather has been at a lovely state of enjoyment! Blue sky, large white marsh mellow clouds and 70 degrees of warmth without being over heated! I look up at our glorious snow capped Mt Shasta and think, this is the time to snowboard, it's a perfect day. All week has been blissful and kind with the change in weather. One would think everything else would fall into place with that perfectly painted scene, but no! This has been by far, one of the most crazy and hectic weeks ever. I will spare the details at this time, some things are meant for another story, another time, but I will say this, WOW!

To back the train up a moment, I had decided to take a little break from my micechat obsession to actually do some work and take care of business. The first day was like trying to kick an addiction! All I could think about was checking micechat. After a few days, I didn't even think of it at all. It was this evening that I sat here at my computer and thought, what ever is there to do, and I remembered, my dear old friend micechat!

I am struggling to find a balance between what I would like to do, and what I need to do. I think it is fun to sit and visit and reminisce about something so wonderful as Disneyland and our experiences there, however, if I don't get my butt in gear and make the required green back to live off of, I certainly won't be saving the necessary dollars to actually make it back down that way!

Solution, more work, less play, vacation time for catch ups!

I love you guys and everything about this world, but, I can't devote every waking moment to every thread and comment. It was fun while it lasted and I will try to keep up with everyone! I will definitely continue to blog away all my random thoughts whether you like it or not! Just kidding, I am sure you LOVE my blogs, lol!! Thank for being here, HUGS all around!