As I sit here at the computer I gaze out the window. It's pouring rain, the blue sky and 70 degrees of bliss has slipped away. Ah, what can you say, it is still winter after all. I am thinking of all the things I really need to do today, that I am working hard on to procrastinate. I actually don't want to, I just can't help it because who would really wants to go out in the rain and risk drowning just trying to get across the parking lot? As much as I have contempt for the rain, we greatly need it and I appreciate all for what it will do this coming summer. I dread having to drudge through the puddles, it seems there are no small puddles in Northern California. From my experience it is a prerequisite for all puddles to be a minimum of 3 feet wide by 4 feet in length or greater, and at least 8 inches deep. Now if I had a pair of big yellow rubber boots this would not be an issue, however, I am cursed with lightweight mesh running shoes. I have found denim has joined the conspiracy, when stepping into a puddle, not only does the pant leg submerged into the water get wet, but the denim cleverly pulls the water up your leg increasing the area that has now become soaked. Instead of soggy shoes and socks with 8 inches of wet pant leg, I am trudging a long with dripping legs from the knees down. This only confirms that I do not want to go out and about in the rain! Alas, there is shopping to do, a child to pick up and 40 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to deliver. Perhaps as I return to my warm and toasty domicile this evening and shed my waterlogged items, I can enjoy a few Somoa's with a glass of milk!