Just a couple quick updates in case there is anyone that follows me or my blog. I know, that's funny!

After a long absence I return! I've been pretty ill and had some various health issues that I have had to manage since the spring. It all looks terrific except for one minor non threatening issue that continues to linger.

Summer, what a demanding season for a parent! No school equals children to entertain! It's been a little hectic with my sweet bambina, but throw into the mix my 8 year old nephew and my 2 year old nephew and Phi1215 has been in kiddoland this past month!

As if that isn't enough, we moved again! It was a quick upgrade from our middle unit townhouse to a much larger end unit. Thankfully we only had to move 15 feet! In return we gained a private upstairs room (rather then both rooms upstairs) and an additional full bathroom plus a larger half bath!

If you think that was enough, my husband had jury duty all summer which dashed all our vacation plans and our budget! Sophia and I did make a quick trip to SF to see some family, which was a nice, yet demanding, mini break!

A little run down on Sophia, this summer she started off doing not 1, but 2 plays! She did one last year where she was the lead of the play, this year she was lead in the opener, which was a much shorter play and in the second play she was a narrator. She is really interested in performing arts and being the second summer in a row she has done this, we decided to look into what other year round options there are. After all, we can't deny her the opportunity of someday using her skills and talent to get a job at Disneyland!

She is still working on her violin lessons and hopes by next summer to be far enough along to start banjo lessons. She has a lot of ambition when it comes to music and art!

To stay well balanced she is going to karate 2x a week learning the art of Tang So Do (I hope I spelled that right!) and has 3 stripes on her white belt! She had a very slow start at it but is really starting to get the hang of it now, she is hoping to get her yellow belt soon!

Also (because I like to punish myself!), she managed to convince me to get her a kitten! A nice little Siamese kitten named Carburetor! He's so sweet and adorable and makes the biggest messes imaginable to mankind! I thought cats were supposed to be low maintenance in comparison to a dog, but I am rethinking that one!

Well, it sure is nice to be back online, to be on Micechat and life in general!