This past Sunday we went to a 'rememberence' of a former co-worker of Tim's. "Dom" was such a gentle soul, people could be completely freaking out all around him and he just did not feel the need to get stressed. As his wife said Sunday, he was just content 'to be'. A poem was passed out and it really struck a nerve with me. I want to try to use it in every day life.

Let There be Memories -
Fond recollections of special occasions and everyday things.
Let your heart start on its journey to healing by feeling the comfort remembering brings.

Let There be Memories -
Pictures, mementos, and favorite stories both funny and sad.
Let your mind wander the paths of rememberence, reliving the joys and the good times you've had.

Let There be Memories -
Signs that our loved ones remain near in spirit long after they're gone ...
Tender, surprising, heartwarming and welcome -
Sweet proof of the promise that love will live on.

-Linda Barnes