So.. why can't my school's library have air conditioning?? I'm really bored because my class was cancelled, and being the environmentalist that I am, I carpool with a friend to school whose class is not cancelled. I'm really not feeling all that well today and would much rather be at home relaxing... *sigh*.
I've been thinking of quitting my job because I really hate it there. What is the point of having a job I hate that is off of my career path, anyway? I mean, I make a relatively nice amount of money there, but I think I'd rather make minimum wage and have less responsibility. Like, maybe work at a craft store? Somewhere like that would be much more enjoyable, in my opinion..
I didn't end up visiting my mom because my dad didn't want me to take my car and I wouldn't have been able to fit in my g-parents car b/c my g-ma is on oxygen and her machine takes up the whole back seat. I guess I'll be taking the train there for Thanksgiving.... I am still undecided on that situation because I just don't know if its worth it to live over there for a year when I have my career lined up in california once I graduate.
Growing up sucks.