I know that there is a site for former Disneyland CM/employees called hasbeens.com, but I just don't like it near as much as this one.

I've had a hankering to share memories from time to time, even beyond what I do in the forums. I'm trying to turn this blog into something more positive, by sharing some of these.

On my satellite radio's 70's channel, on the weekends they play original broadcasts of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 from that decade...more or less timed to coincide with the current time of year.

For example, last week the Billboard chart date they used was from April 1975.

Yesterday, it was - May 5, 1979.

Why do I mention this?

In 1979 and 1980. I worked the early morning day shift in the New Orleans Main Kitchen. The 7AM crew often met for breakfast at the Inn Between around 6-30...then we'd walk through the park, humming with pre-opening activity, toward the Main Kitchen.

The food receiving crew was already there, having taken food deliveries from trucks using the backstage service road. Those guys started at 5AM. Our first cook - called the "vat line" guy - started at 6AM, and by the time the chef and the rest of us came in, he had four huge vats already bubbling full of clam chowder, whatever the soup of the day would be, and various other sauces that had to be made that day.

We had a radio in the front of the kitchen, near the pot-washing room and the food/people elevator to the French Market.

Those of us working the "hot line" toward the front of the kitchen could have music on.

But, in those days before he found AA, god bless him, our morning chef sometimes came in on Sunday morning in - shall I say - not exactly a Disney magic frame of mind.

So that radio had better not be able to be heard very far away from where we were...at least til about 9AM or so.

I have to go just now...but ai promise to share more, on what was going through my mind as I heard that broadcast yesterday...and the role that Casey Kasem played in helping us churn out all that food to hungry DL guests, at least on Sunday.

-- Barry