From Slope to Nope
Walt and the Promise of Progress CityThe Art of Skiing. Schroll was the source of the famous Goofy yell.

A turning point came in 1958 when Walt visited the set for Third Man on the Mountain. A tremendously entertaining film and something every Disney fan needs to seek out, the movie is based on a true story culled from the book Banner in the SkyPeople and Places featurette in 1955. The village was driven by the mountain climbing industry. Everybody would arrive by an electric Cog Railroad that could traverse the steep grades. No automobiles are allowed within the village. It featured both summer and winter activities. During the presentation, I was able to show three very rare short films about the village of Zermatt filmed as part of promotional effort by the studio.

Skywayinside 147 Feet of Fun Or: Why I Love the MatterhornClimb The Mountain.

Next time, I'll share more rare photos and take you through the project proposal process and reveal what Walt had in store for this fabulous valley. Would it have been as influential as Disneyland if it were built? What happened?

Our sincere thanks to the Walt Disney Family Museum. If you haven't visited, we suggest you add it to your list of things to do. The spirit of Walt truly lives there.

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