You've just been crowned monarch of the Disney Parks in North America. You can change anything you want without regard to budgets or corporate politics. As the benevolent dictator you can command your minions to do your bidding. My question to you is "what exactly is it that you want to do?"

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One thing I do not want to change is the way my people arrive to the park. The arrival experience at the Magic Kingdom continues to delight me. What is not to like? You start with a choice of a monorail or a ferry. Granted, some may arrive by bus but they benefit from the VIP treatment of being dropped off at the front door.

After choosing which form of conveyance, I enjoy how the journey becomes the experience of passing through a sequence of spaces punctuated by the shear anticipation created by the deflected views of the castle spires. As a person who tends to travel solo and without a bag, I appreciate the fact that my security team can just wave me through at the front door. I should teach my Disneyland minions to do the same.

First, I must inspect Main Street USA. The grand facades of the buildings suggest that this is a prosperous town but the lack of vehicles up and down the street tell me a different story. The movie theater has been closed down and converted into a store. The biggest building on Town Square has been converted into a boarding house for women and is over run with mice and dogs. The city cannot even afford a fire department.

My economic redevelopment department must leap into action and resolve these issues. We begin with a fleet of vehicles that run throughout the day. I recognize that we have a couple of parades but after 57+ years of operating parks I am sure we can figure out something. Considering the Florida weather, I think the convenience of public transportation, as an alternative is more important then ever.

I am glad that the Fire Station is no longer a shop but I am not sure that the minions got it right by letting the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in to recruit common folks and putting them through a challenge of finding video projections. I understand the desire to be near the front gate but I feel there is a spot in Fantasyland where you would expect to find magic and Sorcerers. They tell me this is temporary. They tell me a lot of things, not all of which are true.

While they are in the Fire Station, can somebody fix the party line phone? There is one that was working in the Chapeau shop the last time I was there but it is hidden.

It is time to head into the world of cinematic exotica. It is time for visit to Adventureland.

I am not a fan of the Aladdin spinner but I understand that the little ones approve. It can stay for now. However, I think my minions missed an excellent opportunity with the Tiki RoomGreat Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Imagineer Tony Baxter and his team combined classic dialogue by Royal Dano and Paul Frees from the original presentation with bits of The American Adventure and topped it off with the most amazing Audio-Animatronics figure at any of the six North American parks. The presentation is legible, compelling, and emotional. The Mr. Lincoln figure is remarkably lifelike. The advanced technology allows for an incredible range of facial expressions. He furrows his brow, his eyes twitch, and he is capable of forming vowels.

Imagine what you could do with the Tiki Room. Clean up the classic soundtrack and install a state-of-the-art audio system with three-dimensional sound. You did it with the Stretching Room at the Haunted Mansion. Rebuild the birds with incredible, fluid, lifelike motion and the watch the little ones eyes light up. Their parents will feel a sense of nostalgia while being awestruck and entertained by the latest technology.

There is one part of Adventureland that I would never want changed. That is the Swiss Family Treehouse. Unlike the heavy-handed story of the Tarzan treehouse at Disneyland, this one lets your mind fill in the blanks. I can always come here and imagine what it would have been like to sleep here. I'd gladly stay the night if the bed was anything near normal size. Did you know that Ray Wallace, the same guy who designed the Columbia at Disneyland, did all of the rope work?

Oh yes. I will be happy to spring for new light bulbs for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hall of PresidentsHall of Presidents it would be a good time to reflect upon this great land of ours by cruising along the Rivers of America. The Liberty Belle is a fine ship but she is a lonely one along these waters. There is no life. That must change. Bring back the Keel Boats

Tom Sawyer Island should be an activity node for the little ones, but it has become almost deserted. The island serves an important function. Kids need a place to run around to let off steam. Walt was smart enough to put a playland within his park. It could use an infusion of life. My minions are very excited about the use of technology to assist in play as seen with the Kim Possible game at Epcot and the Menahune Adventure Trail at the Aulani Resort in Hawaii. Now they are trying the same thing at the Magic Kingdom with the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Why not make the island the showplace for this technology and create a singular experience. Limit the number of players and provide them a more immersive experience with greater rewards. Create a sequential adventure that is driven by multiple choices featuring multiple outcomes and you have a repeatable experience that will form long lines on the opposite shore.

As I pass through Frontierland, my requests are modest. The Country Bear Jamboree could use some tender loving care. A better sound system, revamp Audio-Animatronics, and a return to seasonal shows are all called for. As a gift to my colleague Kevin Yee, I command my minions to fix Splash Mountain to its showroom glory and keep it that way.

I shall wait until my minions complete the construction of the new Fantasyland before I comment. I saw the model at the D23 Expo and it sure beats an empty hole in the ground. Progress.

Speaking of progress, the time has come to tear down the Sci-Fi Fantasyland that we have today and to create a truly forward-leaning Tomorrowland.

. I think that Len Testa and Bob Sehlinger from The Color Companion to Walt Disney World summed up best when they wrote Stitch the following letter:
Stormrider from Tokyo DisneySea. Imagine walking into "The Center for Weather Control" and board a Stormrider, a plane that carries a "Storm Diffusion Device." Our mission is to fly into a storm and detonate the device. Of course, in the tradition of many Disney attractions, something goes horribly wrong. The ride vehicle is a full-motion simulator like Star Tours with in car effects. The show features technology and enhances the current storyline of Tomorrowland as an intergalactic port city.

That's what I'd like to do to poor Stitch, but I leave it to you to tell me what should replace Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory. Why should it go? It does not pass the plausible impossible test. First, what does the world of monsters have to do with Tomorrowland unless they are users of the spaceport outside?

Answer this. The monsters are three-dimensional objects, correct? Why do they appear in real time before us as two-dimensional figures? Are they on a television? It makes sense when I visit Turtle Talk with Crush

I thought I would say a few words about the Carrousel of Progress, but I keep tearing up and just cannot focus. It is like witnessing the death of a loved one. If you have read Walt and the Promise of Progress City,Autopia.

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