One of the standout landscapes is Gepetto's Village. Gepetto's shop has tiny toys hanging from the windows. Pinocchio even has his own mailbox. The backdrop is the Swiss Alps, which helps to hide the Casey Jr. Train. In later years, the mountain backdrop would blend seamlessly with the Matterhorn.

The home of the Big Bad Wolf.

Along another bank is Toad Manor, home of Mr. Toad. The model was so inspirational that the facade was copied and applied in full scale in front of the revamped version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in the remodeled Fantasyland of 1983. Further along the canal is the home to the Seven Dwarfs with their diamond mine nearby and 150 year old plus dwarf trees.

Cinderella's Castle

The highest visual element within the attraction is Cinderella Castle. The castle is over 15 feet tall and uses forced perspective to appear even taller. The obsession with detail was so extreme that the roof of the castle is covered in gold-leaf.

Just beyond the Giant's quilt are three old windmills. Once again the attention to detail was so important that Walt suggested that tulips be planted in front of the windmills. So the Imagineers hired a horticulturist from the San Francisco Bay to locate miniature tulip plants that would fit the scale of the windmills. They found what they were looking for in New Zealand. The only problem was that the plants had 18 inch stems. This meant they had to be buried and hidden. In the end, they could not keep the plants alive so they were removed.

Storybook Land Canal Boats


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