Imagine you are an honors student at Western Illinois University (WIU) and you ran across this advertisement back in March 2010:

Communication Around the WorldStop 1 - The entrance plaza outside the turnstiles

Magic Kingdom: A Grand Entrance IndeedStop 2 - Town Square

Stop 3 - The Plaza HubStop 4 - Where the Fantasyland Skyway station used to be. Peter Pan), Switzerland (The Skyway
Stop 5 - In front of the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion Stop 6 - The Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents is set in Colonial Philadelphia during the time period around 1787 when the United States Constitution was ratified. The buildings in this area are in the Federal Style. You see low-pitched rooflines sometimes with a balustrade. The windows are arranged symmetrically around a center doorway. Many times, there are narrow side windows that flank the doorway. Along the cornice are dentil moldings. They kind of look like teeth. You will also find elliptical or circular windows as well as oval rooms and lots of arches.

Stop 7 - Footbridge area

The cluster of buildings on the north side, adjacent to the Liberty Square entry bridge, are example of architecture popular in Dutch New Amsterdam (the forerunner of New York).

Speaking of beginnings, the idea for Liberty Square was first proposed for Disneyland but never realized. In the early planning stages for the Magic Kingdom, the Imagineers recreating New Orleans Square at Disneyland would not work. The real city was too close to Florida to be truly exotic. With the America Bicentennial on the horizon, a patriotic themed seemed like a good idea.

Here we are at the edge of a new society. Within Liberty Square, the gardens are rather formal in tribute to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. The surrounding landscaping is informal and wild. The contrast is very deliberate. Look closely at the crates on the bridge you will notice they are marked TEA.

Stop 8 - Ye Old Christmas Shoppe

Stop 9 - The Liberty Tree

Liberty Belle steam paddle wheeler. This type of ship came much later than the time period represented in Liberty Square. Oh they try to hide it with the loading dock but we all know it should be over in Frontierland.

The ship was originally named the Richard F. Irvine and was renamed the Liberty Belle in 1996. Once upon a time, there was a second paddle wheeler named the Admiral Joe Fowler. However, a dry dock accident crippled the ship and it was removed.

More trivia? How deep is the Rivers of America? Would you believe about 7 feet?

We have made it to the edge of the Frontier again. We'll soon be headed west into Frontierland. Come back next time to see how the Imagineers use their tricks to take us on a journey through time and space.

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