Even though I feel like I should get a whole day off today, I'm like a shark- I can't stop swimming. I did have a productive day around the house, but there is still more to be done for school. If I'm not grading papers, I'm writing them. I'm supposed to be writing a 2 page reflection paper right now!

I did manage to take a quick break this afternoon and see a movie with my fab alterna-husband. :love: My "real" husband is playing poker tonight, so that frees up my evening to study and do lesson plans.

More of the same scheduled for tomorrow, but JP and I have to make a quick run to Disneyland to get his AP. He has the day off on Monday, so he gets to go to the park with a friend- LUCKY! We also have a birthday party in the afternoon before we head to my mom's for Sunday dinner.

I'm really tired. I am wondering if this going back to school (again) idea was a good one or not. Time will tell, I suppose.