Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition was supposed to be a gigantic ride complex situated where the Indiana Jones Adventure is now. Built to resemble a mythical temple, guests would have to travel amongst the caverns inside to find two rides. The first was an Enhanced Motion Vehicle attraction very similar to what is at Disneyland now, while the second was to be a mine cart rollercoaster, similar to the scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

To further immerse Guests into this new attraction, Disney planned on having the Disneyland Railroad and the Jungle Cruise travel through portions of the temple, giving Guests a glimpse at the adventures that awaited them inside.

For Guests wanting to go on the EMV Jeep ride, they would follow the route to the motor pool. There, they would climb aboard vehicles that would take them deep inside the mythological temple to help Indiana Jones in his quest of the golden shrine.

For those Guests wanting a little more of a thrill, they could hike up the hill to an abandoned mine shaft. There, they would get strapped into one of the ore cars and sent speeding around the edge of a volcanic crevasse in this indoor roller coaster experience.

Like I mentioned earlier, two classic Disneyland attractions also would have been incorporated into this new show building. After being thrilled by the backside of water, people on the Jungle Cruise would have been sent right into a flooded cavern located in the heart of the temple, allowing them to catch a glimpse of a sacrificial altar. There, they would have braved many of the same booby traps that Indy already snuck past before emerging from the caves, back into the relative safety of jungle.

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by Jeff Heimbuch

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