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We've got a bit of liquid art for you this week, as rain paints the pathways of Disneyland in the reflected multi-hued tones of magic. A rare view of the California parks that very few people ever get to experience first hand (outside of the Disney fan community of course). And across the country we have a few small updates and lots of great shots of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.
Walt Disney World, FL
Denise "Nbodyhome" and SummerInFl bring the Walt Disney World to us this week. First up, something is in the air at the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot. We finish up our WDW tour with a brief visit to Epcot's Illuminations Reflections of Earth.

Figment is on vacation (SummerInFl)

Someone on the roof of the Wonders of Life Pavilion (SummerInFl)

A new stage has been built in Adventureland (SummerInFl)

Dream Ears are now embroidered with the year (SummerInFl)

Construction of the new Vacation Club building as reflected in the Contemporary Resort windows (nbodyhome)

Fulton's at Downtown Disney

Yacht and Beach Club (nbodyhome)

Midway Mania construction (nbodyhome)

nbodyhome as depicted in the decent section of Spaceship Earth at Epcot

Epcot's Illuminations: Reflections of Earth (nbodyhome)

Disney World Glory - The Swan and Dolphin Hotels as seen in the distance- at just the right moment in time(nbodyhome)

Disneyland Resort, CA
Ah, the magic of nature - this week, rain - all the more beautiful at Disneyland. Resident MiceChat photogs Fishbulb and PhotoMatt recognize opportunity when they see it, taking these amazing shots of Disneyland painted in a dark but electric color pallet. We'll start with Fishbulb's montage of images and end with the shot of the week from PhotoMatt

Welcome to Disneyland - Late, rainy, and nearly empty (Fishbulb)

Icon at night

New Orleans Square as caught by Fishbulb

Aladdin's Oasis (Fishbulb)

Over at DCA, Tower of Terror looms in the dark (Fishbulb)

Condor Flats at DCA (Fishbulb)

San Francisco street front looking all the better in the rain (Fishbulb)

The parade route side of Paradise Pier (Fishbulb)

The classic DCA shot - heart of Paradise Pier from across the bay (Fishbulb)

Grizzly Peak shots (Fishbulb)

The bugs have all be driven indoors by the rain (Fishbulb)

The picture of the week from PhotoMatt - The Mark Twain in ethereal night clothes

Eye Spy - We presented you with two eye spies last week - Were you able to guess them?

Eye Spy #1 (Answer: a little something for the birds located just to the left of the entrance of P.T. Flea's Pin Trading Shop in DCA)

Eye Spy #2 (Answer: Daisy Duck in the Camp Minnie Mickey section of Animal Kingdom.

And two new Eye Spies for you this week:

Eye Spy #1

Eye Spy #2

Well, another week has flown by, and with it a potpourri of photos from the cameras of MiceChat's finest.
Much thanks to this week's team of global photographers, spies, and gossips:
Join us next week for some stunning shots of the Tokyo and Hong Kong parks. If you take an amazing theme park shot and would like to see it featured on the Weekend Update, please send a message to [email protected] and be sure to mention what the shot is of, where it can be found, and any interesting information about the shot. If we can use it, we will contact you.

On behalf of the staff of the Weekend Update, thank you for spending a few moments with us and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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