This week, we take you deep into the jungles of Hong Kong Disneyland's Adventureland and then shuttle you instantaneously to the Contemporary Resort in Florida. One minute on the streets of Tokyo Disneyland's World Bazaar and the next on the original Main Street USA.

I huge thank you to TDLFAN for his pictures from 3 Disney parks this week. We aren't quite sure how he manages to get around to all these spots so quickly, but rumor has it that he has a new fangled teleportation device that he snagged from Innoventions

Hong Kong Disneyland

We start our world travels in Hong Kong this week, with an interesting view of Main Street in Chinese New Year regalia.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland (Photo by TDLFAN)

It's still Chinese New Year on Main Street (Photo by TDLFAN)

Little touches (Photo by TDLFAN)

Rhythm of Life Dragon Procession (Photo by TDLFAN)

Deep in the Jungle (Photo by TDLFAN)

Shiny Space Needles (Photo by TDLFAN)

The "World" gets a little "Smaller" in late April of '08 (Photo by TDLFAN)

Mr. Fancy Pants says "Good bye Hong Kong Disneyland" (Photo by TDLFAN)

Disneyland Paris
Still celebrating 15 years, still beautiful.

15 years of Tony Baxter saying "I told you so" (Photo by TDLFAN)

A new stitch show coming soon to the Studios (Photo by TDLFAN)

Looks just like California . . . but French (Photo by TDLFAN)

Tokyo Disneyland
We'd show more pictures, but they just make us jealous.

Cinderella's Castle at dusk (Photo by TDLFAN)

World Bazaar (Photo by TDLFAN)

Disney Sea's Mysterious Island in the Distance (Photo by TDLFAN)

The amazing Hotel Miracosta

Walt Disney World
More to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done.

Contemporary Hotel DVC construction (Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

The brand new Fantasia Gift Shop at the Contemporary Hotel
(Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

Earliene Anderson, an original Contemporary Resort CM
helps cut the Fantasia gift shop grand opening ribbon
(Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

New Year of a Million Dreams Banners (Photo by SummerInFL)

T-Rex Restaurant construction at Downtown Disney (Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)
Disneyland Resort, Ca
And now we have something really special for you, a few choice shots of Disneyland, including some classic old pictures.

Partners near the partners (Photo by Hollywood 1939)

The Back side of water - DCA style (Photo by Hollywood 1939)

A soon to be even prettier Paradise Pier (Photo by Hollywood 1939)

Frontierland (Photo by Hollywood 1939)

Back Side of Mansion (Photo by Hollywood 1939)

The characters having a little fun inside the Opera House during the rain (Photo by Hollywood 1939)

Before their plastic surgery (photo of a photo by Hollywood 1939)

Tomorrowland Costumes (photo of a photo by Hollywood 1939)

Eye Spy
Calling all Disney Know-It-Alls! Where in the Disney Universe can you find these little beauties?

Eye Spy #1 - Where in the World?

Eye Spy #2 - A long long time ago in a cave far far away

And here are the answers from last week:

Eye Spy #1 - Coronado Springs Hotel dig site (Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

Eye Spy #2 - Disneyland Paris - Main Street (Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

At that's a wrap! Do you feel like a jet setter? You should, you've just racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles in just a few minutes.
Kudos and thanks to this week's team of global photographers, spies, and gossips:
  • Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt of
  • SummerInFl
  • TDLFan
  • Jack "Hollywood 1939" Wixom
  • And your Editor - Dustysage
We hope to see you all again next week as we once again bring you the world. If you have amazing theme park shots of your own that you would like to see featured on the Weekend Update, please send a message to [email protected], if we can use it, we will contact you.

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