Lots of special treats for you this weekend. We have more pictures from Disneyland's Dream Suite (courtesy of Fishbulb), some rare photos of Disneyland's Space Mountain with the lights on, construction photos from Florida, and a few interesting shots of Universal Studios Japan. We have more pictures that usual today, so we may take a while to fully load


Congratulations! You just won a stay at Disneyland's Dream Suite (well, at least a stay of a few minutes). When you win a real stay at the Dream Suite, you'll be locked in after park closing - but the Imagineers have packed the suite with opulent furnishing and magic touches. Many of the special effects are difficult to photograph, but Fishbulb did a great job of catching many of them for you.

A map drawn by Fishbulb of the suite layout

The Main entrance to the Dream suite

Front door

The new elevator to the left of the POTC show building.

The "Legacy" Hallway

Legacy Hallway

Legacy Hallway floor

One of two doors that the Concierge CM's have into guest quarters leading from the Legacy Hallway to the Conservatory Hallway. This area used to be part of the courtyard.

Off of the Conservatory Hallway is the Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom themed to Adventureland.

The Magic Moment in this room is activated by a button on the wall. Apparently the lights dim, a starfield appears on the cieling and mermaids swim around in the lagoon painting above the bed. When asked if we could see it the tour guide siad that the effect was so "delicate" that the imagineers set it so that it could only play 3 times in the evening.

The Master Bathrooms already famous tiled ceiling bathtub with stained glass window

with the touch of a button music swells, lights dim and a starfield appears in the tiles

note the hidden mickey occasionally appearing off to the right side

The Main Street themed Master bedroom Walk-in Closet

Back out into the hallway we were led into the Main Living room area themed to New Orleans Square

You can see, on the opposite wall, two murals of the real landmarks that inspired Disneyland's Castle. This is where guests used to enter the Disney Gallery.

A back painted lamp comes alive with color when switched on.

A Close up of the Living Room Chandelier

Hitting the Magic Moment button in this room sets off a random effect....

We watched as the grandfather clock chimed a tune and...

The mirror above the fireplace features a rear projection of the Disneyland Castle and a shimmering star.

The screen to the "Fireplace" with a projected fire similar to the fireplace effect in the Beast's Library in the animation building. We were told that every so often fireworks would go off within the fire.

Entering through a pair of double doors we entered the area that was once the sales area for the Disney Gallery. It is now a Frontierland Themed Bedroom

Leaving the Living room...

Entering the Frontierland themed bedroom

complete with Cinderella stove

The Frontierland Chandelier

The Bathroom adjoined to the Frontierland Bedroom. This is where the Gallery counter used to be

The wall adjacent to the beds leads to the bathroom. The Mirror on the wall to the right is actually a television complete with a Playstation 3

We then exited the bedroom to the Balcony.

The choice seats for Fantasmic

We exited through a door into what was explained to us as a storage room. It basically looked like the Disney Gallery abandoned.

Exiting this room we then wento out the the courtyard

Lanterns dangle above

The fake tree conceals the firefly effects hidden in it's branches

The fountain remains

Looking into the archway that we used to enter the courtyard

Looking back at the patio from the stained glass window in the Legacy Hallway

I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking Fishbulb for sharing the shots above with us. And if you haven't gotten your fill of the Dream Suite, head on over to www.miceage.com and read Sue Kruse's two part Dream Suite extravanganza.

We have one more bit of Disneyland confection this week - MiceChatter, "Mightt," sent in these amazing shots taken on a chance shutdown of Disneyland's Space Mountain. Thanks for thinking of us Mightt, these are really fun pictures:

(Photo by Mightt)

Space in full light (Photo by Mightt)

(Photo by Mightt)

Universal Studios, Japan
TDLFAN takes a detour and goes to Universal Studios Japan... for a few minutes.

Universal Studios Japan main entrance - Universal is celebrating the "Dream Year"
remind you of anyone else? (Photo by TDLFAN)

Courtyard (Photo by TDLFAN)

Universal Studios Japan's Hollywood Boulevard, where such famous characters like
Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willie meet guests. (Photo by TDLFAN)

New Streetacular premiering on March 18th, 2008. "Fantastic World" (Photo by TDLFAN)

Universal CityWalk Osaka has become a NO SMOKING area.
You must put out your cigarretes before proceeding into CityWalk.
(Photo by TDLFAN)

Walt Disney World, Florida
Denise "nbodyhome"
Preskitt of www.mousesteps.com takes us on a tour of Contemporary Resort and Downtown Disney's T-Rex construction projects as well as a few fun bonus shots taken along the way.

Turkey vultures coming in for a landing at the Contemporary Resort (Photo by Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

Contemporary construction
(Photo by Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

Monorail glides by the Contemporary project (Photo by Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

Another view at the Contemporary
(Photo by Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

T-Rex is going up fast at Downtown Disney - Think Rainforest Cafe with an attitude
(Photo by Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

More walkway space has been freed up at the T-Rex site (Photo by Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

Real wildlife at the resort (Photo by Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt)

Eye Spy
Calling all Disney Know-It-Alls! Where in the Disney Universe can you find these little beauties?

Eye Spy #1 - You might enjoy starting here

Eye Spy #2 - Would you like a pineapple with that water feature?

Answers for last week's Eye Spy:

Eye Spy #1 - Where in the World?
ANSWER: Goofy's Barnstormers at WDW's Magic Kingdom

Eye Spy #2 - A long long time ago in a cave far far away
ANSWER: Found at Hong Kong Disneyland in the cave behind Adventureland's waterfall, immediately after entering Adventureland's gate. Mickey is on the cave wall towards the end of the cave and approximately one foot above floor level. You need to look down to see. Along with Mickey, there are other representations of animals and human hands on the cave walls... Check it out on your next visit to HKDL (Thanks to TDLFAN for finding this gem)

You won a virtual dream this week and thanks to all the wonderful images that our photographers catch for you every week, you'll always be the winner of the MiceChat weekend update.
Special thanks to this week's team of global photographers, spies, and gossips:
  • Denise "nbodyhome" Preskitt of www.mousesteps.com
  • TDLFan
  • Fishbulb
  • And your Editor - Dustysage
We hope to see you all again next week as we once again bring you the world. If you have amazing theme park shots of your own that you would like to see featured on the Weekend Update, please send a message to dustysage@aol.com, if we can use it, we will contact you.

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