Is everybody ready for Easter? MickeyMaxx and I will be celebrating with family in Laguna Beach on Sunday morning. I'm not sure what the day holds, but I do know that we have been assigned to bring orange juice and champagne! That should help us endure yet another Easter egg hunt.

We have a Walt Disney World extravaganza in store for you in the Update this weekend. Both SummerInFL and Denise nbodyhome Preskitt have been busy taking photos at the parks and resorts during spring break. They both deserve special thanks for braving the crowds so we don't have to.

Easter is also in the air at Tokyo Disneyland. ichigopara brings us eighteen minutes of Easter Parade video. This little parade will only run for a short time but it isn't short on charm.

CaptPhoebus headed to the Wild Animal Park in Escondido last weekend. His photos document this park on a beautiful spring day. Am I the only one who finds a paradox in the way they let the animals roam free and cage up the butterflies?

We end the Update this week with a grab bag of vintage post card images.

Happy Easter everybody!

Walt Disney World Update Part One: SummerInFL

Living in Florida its easy to find things to do, what makes it even better is the endless supply of friends and family that come down for a vacation, giving you a reason to go have fun with some great people. That's exactly what we did last weekend when we braved the Spring Break crowd.

As luck would have it they were staying at my favorite resort, Port Orleans French Quarter

So the group decided to head over to the Magic Kingdom and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having as of late.

A crowd for CoP? Oh it must be spring break!

Train ride!

Upon exiting in Frontierland we stopped by The Briar Patch, which is the shop at the exit to Splash Mountain, on the inside they have these great little scenes up on the walls.

At this point the crowds were getting so thick they started rerouting us through the docks of the Liberty Belle, we actually had to wait in line just to move through the park!

And if you look really close at this photo, the line for Haunted Mansion was SO long they were using the dock queue to route people. Insane!

So we made a quick dash through Liberty Square and started walking towards Tomorrowland.

An empty bench in the shade? Grab it quick!

We made a brief stop (at the request of my daughter) to see Belle's Storytime.

The part of Chip will be played by Hannah Montana!

To wrap up our day at the Magic Kingdom, we headed to Tomorrowland where we used our Fastpasses for Space Mountain.

I would also like to report that the screens are back up in the exit. (I apologize for the blurry shot, my camera wasn't set to take a proper photo)

We then headed back to the hotel so the girls could go for a swim and opted to ride the ferryboat back to the van.

The pool wasn't heated but the girls went swimming anyway, crazy!!

So ends another day with friends, fun and Disney. I love living here....

Walt Disney World Update Part Two: Denise nbodyhome Preskitt

Denise has regular WDW updates on her website at

It was a busy week, I went to Tampa to meet Amy Grant (she's been my favorite singer for nearly 30 years):

For the last few months, the Richard Petty Driving Experience drive-along was free to annual passholders (ending March 31st). We just got under the wire! I was a little nervous, but the drive-along was fun and I definitely recommend it. The experience starts with getting suited up - and it feels safe in the equipment they use, including the Hans device.

Also, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are doing meet and greets this week at the Magic Kingdom:

And Ridemakerz opened at Downtown Disney, where you can create your custom remote-control vehicle (you don't even have to add the remote control, but it seems more fun that way). If nothing else, the real cars in the temporary location - where the Virgin Megastore used to be - are very cool to look at:

Also, the Downtown Disney Marketplace has been undergoing some changes, widening the sidewalks:

Also, there was a terrific band from Japan (students at Inagakuen Sogo High School) for Magic Music Days last week at Downtown Disney - half of their school takes part in the band! Here is a video of "You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me".

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Tokyo Disneyland's Easter Parade: Video from ichigopara
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San Diego Wild Animal Park by CaptPhoebus

An additional splash of color intensifies a vibrant springtime event, the new Butterfly Jungle at the Wild Animal Park. Butterflies of every shape, size, and color flutter throughout the Hidden Jungle, a walk-through neo-tropical aviary.

Guests may enter into the lush jungle environment and become immersed in the sights and sounds of a South American rain forest. Butterflies will differ dramatically in coloration and size. A variety of butterfly species will flutter freely throughout Hidden Jungle and the entire jungle habitat is alive with these colorful creatures.

Butterfly Jungle is included with general admission to the Wild Animal Park.

Upon entering the Wild Animal Park, butterfly decorations adorn the park, creating a breadcrumb like trail to follow, leading you to the Butterfly Jungle exhibit.

The queue to get into the exhibit.

Once inside the exhibit, you are ushered into one of their rainforest depiction greenhouses, where the butterflies are free to roam, and land, wherever they please.

And here are some closeups on just a few of the butterflies

Caligo eurilochus - Giant owl

another giant owl

Dryadula phaetusa - Orange-barred tiger

Hamadryas amphinome - Red cracker

Morpho peleides - Blue Morpho

Heliconius melpomene - Postman & Heliconius charitonia - Zebra longwing

Heliconius melpomene - Postman

And here's a bonus shot from the Wild Animal Park

Hurry soon down to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, the exhibit only runs through April 18th. And from what I've been told, the sooner you go, the more butterflies you'll be able to see.

This week we have an interesting group of unrelated post cards from .

Please give this site a look. Not only is the collection of cards fascinating to look at, but the history of Disneyland that is recorded there is a treasure.

First up, a card that fits into the everything old is new again category. With the reopening of Captain EO, this card is a kick to see. It's a peel 'n' Stick post card. Wonder how many were slapped on the bumpers of cars for the drive home at the end of a long day at Disneyland?

Another blast from the past that we will likely never see again is this Videopolis card. It also has a sticky back.

Next, we have four Star Tours cards, the last three showing destinations one might travel to.

Our last card pitches Fantasmic!

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