Can it really be summer already? The signs are all around me. I tried to hop onto the I-5 this afternoon to go to the bank and was met with bumper-to-bumper traffic heading to San Diego. Then when I got back to work, there was no parking to be found. All the beachgoers had pretty well locked up the available spaces. I have a sneaky suspicion that the parking lots at our local theme parks are going to be "locked up" as well starting this weekend.

Your Weekend Update continues to have late-breaking theme park news for you. This week we have photos from Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you read last week's Update, you already know that a group of us were in Orlando recently. CaptPhoebus was lucky enough to gain entry to this new land at Islands of Adventure during a soft opening day and he has the photos to prove it.

sir clinksalot brings us an early report on Toy Story 3 and the Toy Story 3 FunZone at the Hyperion Theater in Hollywood. I know that the Clinks family likes to get up early, but this is ridiculous!

We continue our stroll down Main Street at Hong Kong Disneyland with HKDLFAN. I'm really enjoying spotting the similarities and the differences compared with our domestic Disney parks.

Finally this week, sir clinksalot has another entry in his SoCal Classic Attractions series. I have a lot of nostalgia for this great old ride and I'll bet some of you do also.

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CaptPhoebus gives us a look at the fabulous Wizarding World of Harry Potter

On my recent visit to Central Florida, I was able to get to take a quick peek into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter land over at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort. Here is a just a small peek at what Hogsmeade has to offer.

The New Bridge (to go around Hogsmeade)

Gates to Hogsmeade

Welcome to Hogsmeade

Hogwart's Express Train

Three Broomsticks Restaurant

Interior of Three Broomsticks

Hog's Head Pub

Butterbeer Cart

Owl Post Exterior

Owl Post "Interior"

The Sign at Ollivanders (The Wand Shop)

On to Hogwarts

So that's where Hogwarts really is....It's right next to Jurassic Park

Gate Guardians

The School's Choir

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter officially opened yesterday, June 18th. For more photos and a review of the ride, Check out Fishbulb and Dusty's review thread: Wizarding World of Harry Potter Photos and Ride Review

sir clinksalot gives us an EARLY look at Toy Story 3 at the El Capitan

Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 3 FunZone at the El Capitan in Hollywood

I had the privilege to attend an early screening of Toy Story 3 on Friday ... and by early I mean the movie started at 6am.

For those of you who didn't know, this is what the El Capitan looks like at 5am.

The movie is playing at the El Capitan for more than 2 months

Inside the amazing El Capitan theatre

After the movie, everybody is invited to check out the Toy Story 3 Fun Zone

The fun zone is actually located on the Hollywood High School football field.

The Fun Zone features Toy Story themed games

A Tricycle race

Andy's Game Room where you can play the Xbox Toy Story 3 game

Lotso's Lounge where you can have birthday and other parties

Buttercups Crafts and a Ferris Wheel

Inside the main tent you can play with a slinky


Make your own Mr. Potato Head

Get your picture taken with Barbie and Ken

Or Jessie, Bullseye and Rex

Outside the main tent they have a set-up for Sunnyside

In the playground area you will fund the Escape from Sunnyside Maze

Big Baby's Bumpers

A Toy Store is also on site

You can purchase various Toy Story 3 merchandise as well as make your own Mr. or Mrs. Potato head.

If you get the chance, check out Toy Story 3 at the El Capitan, you won't be dissapointed.

Just in case you missed it, MiceAge's Sue Kruse has a review of the movie HERE.

Our stroll down Main Street at Hong Kong Disneyland continues courtesy of HKDLFAN

Next time, Adventureland!

Here's another installment in sir clinksalot's series of photo reports on classic Southern California amusement park attractions.

Six Flags Magic Mountain's Revolution

The Revolution is located in the Baja Ridge area of Magic Mountain

The rides entrance is surrounded by lush trees and waterfalls. Of course, this wasn't the original entrance to the ride.

The original entrance is located on the other side where X2's bridge is now located. This spot was made famous in National Lampoon's Vacation

In 2002 the ride became an ACE RollerCoaster Landmark for being the first modern coaster with a vertical loop.

Taking a ride on the Revolution gives some great views of the park.

Make sure you put your head back for the loop

A train full of riders come barreling through the trees

One of the most iconic views of any amusement park

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