Thanks for visiting the Weekend Update on this special weekend. We hope that everyone has a fantastic time with friends and family and that your travels are safe.

Our Christmas edition has a report from Rya86n who attended the Christmas party at Aussie theme park Movie World. RegionsBeyond shares photos from a strange Christmas tradition in his hometown. We also have some assorted Christmas goodies to celebrate the season.

We'll see you all next year!

We'll start out this week with some shots of Cinderella's Castle decked out for the holidays from Roger55

Here are a few Christmas themed post cards from the collection of

Australia's Movie World offered a hard ticket Christmas event this year. The rumor is that it was a logistical nightmare, but it sure looks like fun in Rya86n's photos!

So too, are the crowds.

There's Decorations...

Christmas Trees...

Ice Skating...

Chirstmas attractions...


Millions of tiny lights...

...and a giant On/Off switch.

Which means things only get better at night!
So as the sun sets and the park reaches capacity crowds...

...the Christmas spirit ignites!

There were Looney Toons on Ice.

And a Christmas themed parade; which proved so popular, they had to add it to the daily entertainment schedule for this week up until Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to all, from Australia!

Coheteboy shows us how Sleeping Beauty decorates for Christmas

RegionsBeyond shares photos of a charming Christmas tradition in his hometown

For your holiday viewing pleasure, a quick group of photos from my town's local "Christmas street". Classic and strangely dated characters mingle via large cutout figures on a series of 3 or 4 courts along a downtown side street. Here is the website for the event, and enjoy some photos from this year: Crippsmas Place

Giant Remy the rat menaces his human co-stars......FLEE! COOKING RODENT!

The famous...Christmas dragon, I guess.

The worst Harry Potter ever...yikes.

No one wants a Charlie in the box!

For those California locals: I was pleased and slightly surprised to see the Big Boy included.

It's-a-me, Mario, from my bad cartoon show no one remembers!


Nothing says "holiday" and "still relevant" like Pokemon.

Thanks for looking, and may all enjoy their holiday festivities! Don't drink much eggnog..come to think of it, just skip the eggnog. Not tasty.

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