I'm still floating on cloud nine after the incredible MiceChat Sixth Anniversary Celebration. It was everything I hoped for and much, much more. Thanks to everyone here at MiceChat who made such a wonderful weekend possible.

We have a great Weekend Update in store for you this week. First up, we have double fun from Denise nbodyhome Preskitt. She has coverage of the new Magic, Memories and You! celebration at Walt Disney World. She also had an invitation to cruise out on the inaugural sailing of the Disney Dream and brings us a first look at this beautiful new addition to the Disney Cruise Lines.

From the west coast we have CM Husband's private tour of Walt's Apartment at Disneyland. This is every Walt Disney fan's dream come true and we get to share it in the Weekend Update.

James Cameron's latest movie Sanctum debuts this weekend. Our Aussie correspondent Rya86n is especially excited about this movie. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the movie was filmed on the Gold Coast?

Back over at Walt Disney World, SummerInFL has been busy taking photos of the many sights at the Florida Disney parks. She shares some of her favorites with us this week.

Finally, everyone's favorite – vintage post cards from the collection of RegionsBeyond.

Welcome to the Weekend Update!

Magic, Memories and You! plus Disney Dream Inaugural Cruise courtesy of Denise nbodyhome Preskitt

Mousesteps was invited onto the Christening of the Disney Dream, I've been adding pictures to my site (over 1000 now with 27 or 28 videos!) We also were part of the media event for "Magic, Memories and You!" The show is fantastic, much different than I expected.

Some photos from the "Magic, Memories and You!" show:

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We were up early the next morning for the Christening ceremony and to board the Disney Dream. Jennifer Hudson is the "Fairy Godmother" for the Disney Dream, I had no idea she had been a performer on the Disney Wonder in 2004!

During a prayer, all the different character's heads were bowed - it's not something you see often:

A handful of photos so far from onboard. I really loved the Skyline Lounge, which featured views of skylines from places like Paris (with moving traffic too!) I don't remember what was in this drink, but I liked the glow cube and bracelet that came with it:

Buccaneer Blast fireworks:

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Disney's Believe is one of the new shows created for the Disney Cruise Line:

Rapunzel (and a beautiful scene from the film "Tangled") are now part of the Golden Mickeys show:

Looking at Castaway Cay from our verandah:

Minnie Mouse:

Huey, Dewey and Louie (well, two of them!):

One of the very neatest things was a princess gathering in the lobby - and this is coming from someone who isn't princess-centric! I can just imagine how thrilled all the kids were to have a princess lineup with 6 of their favorite princesses (Cinderella, Princess Tiana, Belle, Ariel, Snow White and Aurora). It is something you'd never see on any other ship but on the Disney Cruise Line:

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Sunset on the water:

Whoopi Goldberg:

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A beautiful mural in the lobby of Cinderella:

The entrance to the restaurant "Enchanted Garden":

Follow Denise's trips around Walt Disney World and beyond at her website: mousesteps.com.

CM Husband takes us on a private tour of Walt's Apartment

Today I had the rare opportunity to have a private tour of Walt's Apt. what I consider to be the the Holy Grail of historical Disney experiences. When they were building the park, as everyone knows it was nothing but orange groves. There were no hotels and this was one of the first buildings built. Walt actually stayed here a lot while they were building the park and many times after it was finished. He worked with many including Marty Sklar in the offices above City Hall. I also find it interesting that those offices are still used today as general offices for the Main Entrance managers.
This tour was awe inspiring, like seeing the original moon rocks at the Smithsonian, this has the same feel - an aura to just be occupying the exact same space that Walt Disney did. I hope you enjoy some of my pictures.

Here I go Backstage...

The steps leading up to the "place" hey NO BREAKS HERE!

This was a picture of the steps leading up to the apt. Since it might be a little too revealing backstage I removed it.

Ring the doorbell (its like the bell on a bike)

Welcome, come on in!

The inner sanctum. Walt's apartment.

The couches turn into beds. there isn't a bedroom, just a bathroom.

The window and lamp directly above the firehouse. the lamp is always on unless there are guests staying at the apt.

The famous lamp that is always on.

The view out the window of Town Square.

Relaxing in Walt's chair

We made ourselves at home on Walt's "Bed"

Uh...yeah, Walt's potty and shower

The pantry

Walt loved Grilled cheese sandwiches and so do I!

Chillin at Walt's

The gramaphone

Lets go out onto the patio!

Outside, basically on the roof over the restrooms at City Hall

The apartment from the outside

Walt on the steps of the train station overlooking the park

Me on the steps of the train station overlooking the park. Bad attempt, wrong lighting, oh well

James Cameron's new movie Sanctum was filmed on Australia's Gold Coast and Rya86n is pretty excited about it


Sanctum, the new 3D epic underwater adventure from three-time Academy Award winning executive producer James Cameron opened in cinemas worldwide this week.

The film, based on the real life experience of producer/writer Andrew Wight, follows a team of underwater cave divers on a treacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and least accessible cave system on Earth.

When a tropical storm forces them deep into the caverns, they must fight raging water, deadly terrain and creeping panic as they search for an unknown escape route to the sea.

So why mention the film? Sanctum was shot on location on Australia's Gold Coast at Warner Roadshow Studios, right next door to Warner Brothers Movie World. Thus making it possible to gain a small sneak peak into the behind the scenes production of the film.

Sanctum employs stunning 3D photography techniques developed to lens Avatar -- in fact, they're the exact same Cameron/Pace Fusion 3D Cameras shipped straight from the set of Avatar in New Zealand.

Check out Sanctum in RealD 3D and IMAX theatres now!

SummerInFL shares these beautiful photos from Walt Disney World

Some 40th Anniversary merchandise I couldn't resist.

Soon to be relics of Toontown...

Until next time!

More vintage post cards from RegionsBeyond

Another small selection from my collected odd postcards stack, and thank you to all for viewing! Hope these continue to be enjoyed.

Bronner's is still around and they bill themselves as the World's Largest Christmas Store. [LINK]

A nice card showcasing the now-extinct One of A Kind Shop in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. For this card, went ahead and scanned the entire back due to writing and to give a larger picture of the details.

Looks like the Viking Motor Inn has turned into the Viking Hotel over the years.

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