This introduction is going to be short – unlike the monstrous Weekend Update that follows. Those of you who have been reading this column over the years probably know that I serve on the committee that produces the Independence Day Parade in Oceanside, California every year. The parade takes place on Saturday, July 2nd this year. Needless to say, I have been burning the candle at both ends as we put the finishing touches on this longstanding American tradition.

We start out this week with another Walt Disney World update from Denise nbodyhome Preskitt. She covers the appearance of Disney artist Shag as well as a crazy thunderstorm in her own back yard.

The Disneylander continues to share incredible photos from South Korea. This week we have a special treat – we take a trip to LotteWorld, a Korean theme park.

SummerInFL always amazes us with photos from her trips to the quaint Florida coastal villages near her home. Her latest excursion to Dunedin, Florida doesn't disappoint.

Finally, we have photos from a sneak preview of a new live action show at Movie World, courtesy of Rya86n. This show looks vaguely familiar. I wonder which show is derivative of which.

Thanks for sharing another crazy trip around the world with us. See you next week!

Here's Denise with a Walt Disney World Update!

Due to the rain, I've been in a lot this week - but we'll start with a Shag signing (I love that he's been coming to Walt Disney World!)

The Main Street Confectionery added awnings and looks great:

<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We met Shag both at the Magic Kingdom and then at Downtown Disney (the second wasn't planned, but we were heading to a movie with friends - and bought a couple of more items). I just published an interview I did with Shag as well, he's tremendously nice and very interesting.

YouTube - &#x202a;SHAG - Josh Agle signing Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom 6/24/11 w/Streetmosphere Bonus&#x202c;&rlm;

And he even drew a small piece of Shag artwork on our Aloha shirt tag:

Did I mention rain? Many of the photos I took this week include looming clouds. Downtown Disney (notice the Flower and Garden Festival Flower and Power flowers):

Bat weather vane over the Haunted Mansion:

Horse weather vane:

Our backyard (we enjoyed an hour long show of nature's fireworks):

The Magic Kingdom last Saturday:

One of the Confectionery signs:

Cinderella Castle:

Prince Charming Carousel:

Fireworks shot off (though no show was going on):

Minnie spins, lifting her skirt (we were bored during a rain storm and checking out the spinning toys!)

Shag at Downtown Disney, wearing a Randotti tiki necklace:

AMC Dine-In Theaters, were we saw Cars 2:

Lime Chicken Griller and Chips - Yum! Cars 2 was just so-so, but we had great service and food on our visit.

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The Disneylander is treating us to regular updates from his trip to South Korea. This week we visit the Korean theme park Lotte World.

Korea: LotteWorld

Where to begin? Lotte World is a massive complex that includes one of the world's biggest shopping centers, several museums, a four-star hotel, an indoor water park, a cinema, a bowling alley, and some of Korea's finest restaurants.

What we theme park enthusiasts commonly refer to as "LotteWorld" is actually called "Adventure", and is just one piece in the entire complex.

LotteWorld Adventure is connected to yet another theme park, called "Magic Island", which is a more traditional theme park that is built on top of an island and features your requisite castle (yes, it is bigger than Disneyland's!) along with a heart-pounding collection of thrill rides and attractions.

Enjoy the pictures!

Welcome to LotteWorld!

LotteWorld is one of the biggest indoor theme parks in the world, as well as a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex.

You can get an idea of just how large this place is. It's massive!

Although there were many things to do inside, we decided to head outside first...

...towards Magic Island, the outside portion of LotteWorld, and included with park admission.

There we go!

The bridge crossing over the lake, towards Magic Island and our first destination...

...Atlantis Adventure!

Atlantis Adventure is Lotte World's newest roller coaster and was built by Intamin A

It's classified as an 'Aqua-Trax', and is the first and only kind of its ride in the world.

There's usually supposed to be water underneath the track...but for some reason, it was empty the day we went.


Now, this is one of my complaints about all public places in Korea: the graffiti. This is part of a decorational pillar in the Atlantis ride queue.

Graffiti on top of more graffiti...

...but you turn around and it looks awesome!

Almost there...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any photos on-board the attraction...for obvious reasons.

The inside of the station was beautiful, yet slightly ruined by the graffiti marks that reaches as high as the hands could possibly go. Ah well, it's a minor concern.

Shortly before boarding.
The ride itself was amazing - a perfect combination of intensity, yet without being too overbearing. [SPOILER!] The first top hat inside the temple is absolutely INSANE.

Back outside....

Oh hello there, Gyro Drop...we'll get to you later.

Can anyone guess where this photo was taken? No, it's not Space Mountain!

Hang on, this looks strangely familiar...

If you've browsed through the Intamin ride catalogue, this picture should seem pretty similar to something you've already seen.

Yep, that was "Comet Express", a combination dark ride and roller coaster. The ride features spinning cars and wacky theming that puts Cedar Point's "Disaster Express" to absolute shame

Tree swings!

Oh hello again, Gyro Drop...later, I promise.

Next up on our hit list was the Waikiki Wave, a thoroughly mediocre version of a Top Spin.

The ride itself looked pretty cool...

...but it was, to put it bluntly, a kiddie ride. The ride sequence leaves much to be desired, and unless you're in the farthest rows, you barely feel anything at all.

...but yup, definitely looks cool.

...So we ended up skipping out on the Gyro Drop for the day, thanks to a person in our group who was heavily suffering from motion sickness by this time on our tour

Time to take the World Monorail back inside...

There's the castle! It's bigger than Disneyland's! ;-)

A good view at Comet Express's entrance, as well as the skyscrapers of Seoul off in the distance

There's the LotteWorld complex. While it may not seem all that big, it's packed chock-full of absolutely

Hello there, Atlantis Adventure! We had fun riding you!

Crossing over the pedestrian bridge...

...towards the Black Gate of (Mordor) Lotte World...

We're going to crash! Aieee!

...phew, never mind, they opened just in time!

After taking a deep breath after our near-collision, we were able to admire LotteWorld Adventure from the air.

I shall be quiet for the next few pictures in order to magnify the viewing experience.
...Hey, what are those Egyptian ruins doing in the distance?

...and we're back! Pharaoh's Fury! The Indiana Jones rip-off that's nearly as amazing as Indiana Jones!
Unforunately, I have no pictures of the ride itself - thanks to a strict no-cameras policy as well as being shuffled quickly through the queue, which was well-themed to an archaeology museum that had seen better days.

French Revolution. The first (and only) coaster at Lotte World that I didn't want to go on again.
Built by Arrow Dynamics, the ride features a single vertical loop...and massive ear pains.

Thank god I'm not on that train!

Oh hello, random picture of Atlantis Adventure...because the world cannot get enough pictures of

One last ride on the Giant Loop before we called it a day...

...thanks for an amazing day, LotteWorld!

SummerInFL's trips to scenic coastal Florida villages are always a visual treat

My mother and I started the day with the intention of doing what we call "thrifting", which entails multiple stops at various thrift stores, garage sales etc...but the ultimate goal is finding that proverbial treasure among another man's trash.

Having already stopped at one of our usual haunts we decided to go to downtown Dunedin and check out the antique stores. It was to our surprise that they were in the middle of hosting an arts and crafts festival and the entire downtown area was closed to pedestrian traffic.

Imagine our luck!!!

So we pulled the car into the closest spot we could find and ambled over to enjoy the festival.

Dunedin Smokehouse - Their ribs are fall off the bone amazing!!

Greetings from Dunedin, FL!

There was even a guy whittling a cane.

Mmm, Flannigan's Irish Pub. Really great food, amazing entertainment.

Funny thing about living in Florida you always see a lot of tropical decor at these things. Unfortunately, I am not much of a beach themed fan. LOL

I'm sure you can tell by the painting on the side of the building what this store's merchandise cater's to.

Antique Store: The Summer House (Can I just have the sign? What? Too obnoxious? Oh ok....)

This portion is Pinellas Trail, a paved, 34 mile biking trail that spans the entire pennisula of Pinellas County. One of these weekends I'm going to just start at the top and walk as far as my feet will take me!

We had lunch at this wonderful little restaurant called Cafe Alfresco, all the waiters were male, which would be nice except they were all about the same age as my father. lol

This particular store was a maze of merchandise, it was rather confusing!

The Chamber of Commerce was closed.

Yep, you can even dine at The Black Pearl, which, judging by the looks of things has won lots of awards in the Tampa Bay area, I will have to check this out!

Who wants to join me to for Drag Queen Bingo? How awesome is that!??

As Pinellas Trail was built on an old railroad line, their historical society was of course located inside the old train station.

There was a lot of unique medical instruments and I felt like I walked into an episode of Oddities.

They had a wonderful display of vintage toys, including Chatty Cathy!

And of course the Teddy Bear.

Casa Tina. Have never eaten here but it smelled delicious!

It was a cute festival, I think there would have been more people there but its just too hot, and the humidity will zap a person very quickly. However, that day I made out like a bandit, picked up an old decorative sign, a spade shaped serving tray for our poker parties and a postcard for my daughter, all for about $8.00.

Aussie theme park reporter Rya86n shares these photos from a sneak preview of this live action show at Movie World

It's been a busy week for the Gold Coast theme parks. With Australian school holidays kicking off, there are new additions at each of the major parks. During the week I attended a preview event of Movieworld's new school holidays live action show MotoMonster Xtreme‏. Temporarily replacing the headlining Hollywood Stunt Driver, between June 24 and July 18 only, Showtime FMX presents MotoMonster Xtreme.

It makes for an entertaining holiday attraction at Warner Brothers Movieworld.

Just down the road, Dreamworld launched its new family thrill ride Shockwave just in time for the holiday rush. Shockwave is a new Zamperla DiskO coaster and debuts at the park as part of the year long 30th anniversary celebrations. I attended the public opening and have full photo coverage to share in next week's Weekend Update.

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