I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and that you are enjoying the best part of Thanksgiving this weekend – turkey sammiches! I know everyone has their personal favorite way of making a turkey sandwich. I know this will make some of you cringe, but I'm partial to turkey with Miracle Whip and sweet pickles on Wonder Bread.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it's politically correct to start talking about Christmas, we have a holiday packed Weekend Update for you. We start out with a report from Walt Disney World courtesy of Denise Preskitt. She moves all around the resort covering the holiday finery at the hotels and the parks.

Roger55 is back with more of his spectacular report from the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. This encyclopedic report on the Christmas decorations at TDR even extends to the train station!

As promised last week, we have some more vintage Disneyland post cards from DisneylandPostcards.net. So many of the characters depicted in these post cards have changed through the years in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Finally, The Disneylander returns with photos from his epic life chapter in South Korea. If Miracle Whip makes you gag, you won't stand a chance at the Fish Market in Busan!

Have fun with the Weekend Update this week. We'll see you next weekend!

Denise Preskitt

Here are some photos from the past week - it's hard to choose, I think I took over 1000 pics just over the past few days!

The Tower of Terror:

Christmas tree at the Beach Club reflected in the mirror:

Boardwalk Resort Christmas tree (it always looks so tiny to me!)

This year, the Boardwalk gingerbread display features Stitch in the primary role. Each year it is different, and Stitch was in a secondary role last year with Daisy. She's now gone, but Donald is still hanging above the fireplace!

The Boardwalk has a new gingerbread store as well, where cast members sell gingerbread houses and holiday stollen. Unfortunately, they don't yet sell shingles/individual items.

Chip and Dale in back of the display:

Garland at the Boardwalk Resort:

At Epcot, this limited edition, numbered stein features the Germany Pavilion:

New shirt - "Paging Mr. Morrow":

There are holiday topiaries at Epcot now, including Bambi, Flower, Thumper, Donald and Goofy!

Our video of the topiaries:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YyAjXUmok5E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Christmas tree:

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I've just returned back to the USA from Japan and am fighting off the jet lag. Being wide awake in the middle of the night gives me a chance to bring you Part 2 of my report on Tokyo Disney Resort 2011 Christmas festivities.

Last week I showed you some of the great decorations at Tokyo Disneyland for their "Christmas Fantasy 2011". This week we take a look at how Tokyo DisneySea has been dressed up for "Christmas Wishes 2011".

Tokyo DisneySea Christmas Wishes 2011 Decorations

Tokyo DisneySea once again is presenting their "Christmas Wishes" festivities. Much of the the theming and decorations are similar if not identical to last year's "Christmas Wishes". However, this does not diminish from the wonderful atmosphere that the holiday season's bring to all the world wide Disney Parks.

So to start things off, let's take a ride on the Disney Resort Liner monorail over to Tokyo DisneySea.

Resort Gateway Station is the Resort Liner station that serves the JR Maihama Station which is the train station used to go to Tokyo Disney Resort.

The automated ticket machine area has this banner advertising the Resort Liner 10th Anniversary campaign. If you buy a Resort Liner pass (depicted on the left of the banner) in each of three different time periods since the beginning of the 10th anniversary celebration, you receive a special commemorative pin (right side of the banner). The "Christmas Wishes" version of the pass shown here is the third pass of the series.

This is a display inside Resort Gateway Station commemorating DisneySea's 10th anniversary. It has been dressed up for Christmas with the poinsettia plants.

This is another display in Resort Gateway Station specifically for the Resort Liner's 10th anniversary. It too has been dressed up for the holidays.

For those of you not familiar, the white costumes Mickey and Minnie are wearing are the costumes worn by the Resort Liner Cast members. What a wonderful display considering this is "just" a monorail station.

More Christmas decorations inside the station along with the DisneySea anniversary banners on the pillars.

These next few shots are of the interior of one of the monorails. Just one of the several monorails for Tokyo Disney Resort has been specially "wrapped" for the holidays. There is a logo on the exterior of this monorail identifying it as the "Christmas Liner". You can ask a Resort Liner Cast member if the special monorail is running and they can tell you when it is scheduled to arrive.

After arriving at Tokyo DisneySea Station, we are now at the entrance to Tokyo DisneySea.

The famouse Aquasphere is decorated for the 10th Anniversary "Be Magical!" celebration. Nothing that I noticed was done to the display specifically for Christmas.

The archway over the pathway to enter the interior of the park does have the 10th anniversary display along with the "Christmas Wishes 2011" decorations.

These next two shots are of the tree toppers on either side of the entry.

The entry pathway has once again been decorated with the "Christmas Wishes" lights. The logo has been changed slightly with the year no longer being displayed like it was previously.

This year there are new "Christmas Wishes" banners hanging in the interior archways.

The light poles in Mediterranean Harbor have also received new Christmas decorations to go along with the 10th anniversary logo.

For those that recall, last year's "Christmas Wishes" featured the "Seven Lights of Christmas". This year, the lights are gone but the seven themed Christmas trees for each of the themed "ports" have returned.

This tree represents Mediterranean Harbor.

Another decorated light pole with the "Fortress and Galleon" and Mt Prometheus in the background.

Heading over to the American Waterfront, we can see that McDuck's Department Store has received its holiday dressing.

The strings of garland hanging across the streets once again feature gold coins of Scrooge McDuck.

The steel support pillars of the DisneySea Electric Railway have posters on them.

This first poster for the "Chirstmas Wishes" show in Waterfrong Park is new for this year.

This next poster is for "Big Band Beat" Christmas Special version of the show.

The following seven posters are for the seven different themed "ports" of DisneySea. These are identical to the posters used last year.

In front of the S.S. Columbia, the large Christmas tree is once again on display. This year the tree features a 10th anniversary logo. You can also see the pink sorcerer hat which is part of the 10th anniversary decorations.

The Cape Cod area of the American Waterfront once again has its Duffy/Shelley Mae Christmas tree on display.

Also in Cape Cod is this cute mistletoe decoration. Just for the record, I've never seen any Japanese couples kiss under this. The Japanese in general do not show a lot of public displays of affection.

The Chip and Dale tree is also back in Port Discovery.

This tree is much more beautiful at night with its glowing color changing lights.

Lost River Delta decorations take on a Latin American theme.

I was curious to see if the "strange" Christmas tree from last year would also be back and sure enough it was. I'm not really sure what more to say...

The tree over in the Arabian Coast is also a little different than most traditional trees. This one however is quite beautiful, especially at night. Sorry I didn't get a night shot this year.

Next stop is Mermaid Lagoon with its Christmas banners featuring why of course, Ariel.

The coral tree is well, let's just say... interesting.

Mysterious Island's tree also features glowing color changing lights.

The following are some night shots I was able to take of the Cape Code area which is beautiful at night.

Nice view of the S.S. Columbia at dusk.

Amecian Watefront Park tree at night.

This is the Mickey and Minnie snowmice display at the entrance to the American Waterfront. The penguin is Pablo. This year is his second appearance. He also appears on merchandise. I don't know how popular he is with the Japanese.

The followng are just a sampling of the "Christmas Wishes" merchandise available this year.

This paper artwork was on display in the Il Postino Stationary store in Mediterranean Harbor. It is a 3-D scene of the American Waterfront shops area and is themed for New Years 2012, The Year of the Dragon.

Some parting night shots as I call it a day for this week's report.

So that will do it for this week. Next time I'll have reports on the Christmas entertainment. Hope you are enjoying all the spectacular holiday happenings Tokyo Disney Resort has to offer.

Here's more vintage postcards featuring Disney characters.

The Disneylander returns with more photos of life in South Korea

Life In Korea: Busan, Part II

Hello Weekend Update readers - it's been a while, hasn't it? If anyone remembers, last time we were in Korea, we traveled to Busan - a port city on the southern coastline of the country, notable for one of the busiest ports in the world and some of the best seafood to be found anywhere.

We left off standing outside this very white, very modern building, so let's pick up from there - time to experience the Jagalchi Fish Market!

...picking up from where we left off, it was a very sunny, very humid day in summer, and I had taken time out of my schedule to head down to Busan for a couple of days. That white building in the distance appeared gradually - let's head inside, shall we?

On the way, we passed by a taste of what was to come inside. It's not called the Fish Market for nothing.

Seafood everywhere!

Literally - fresh, live seafood stretching as far as the eye can see.

I really had no idea what this was, and I wasn't particularly keen to find out. Turns out they are oysters.

"Oh, hello, don't mind me, I'll be just chilling in the pink basket..." Octopus, anybody?

These looked like something straight out of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon". They're eels - and surprisingly, pretty tasty (when they're not alive and writhing, that is).

Somehow, I don't think this place would meet FDA safety regulations if they ever decided to stop by for a visit...

The market also had a huge variety of dried goods for sale, as well.

Serious question: can anyone tell me what these are? I've been dying to know.

I think those may be sea urchins in the back - their eggs are delicious when mixed with rice and eaten straight from the shell.

Ahh, clams. Finally something a bit more normal.

Fish being hung out to dry.

That corridor looks like it goes on forever!

Live abalone, stuck to the glass.

By this point, the smell was getting to me so I quickly snuck out for a bit of fresh air - and to check out the Busan skyline.

The heavy-duty cranes of the Port of Busan with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Taking in a 180-degree view of the coastline before it was time to go back inside.

Stay tuned for even more of Korea, next week!

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