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I need your help


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  • I need your help

    Can anyone help me identify these and also tell me if they have any worth.. I collect all things disney and came across these in my grandmas house a few weeks ago... anything would be helpful... thanks in advance..

    here are the pictures...

    fyi - the price listed on the mickey mouse authentic tag says 29 cents...

    i cant figure out how to just do the pictures.. hope this works ok
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    Re: I need your help

    The first item looks like a Halloween mask. I've never seen one before. Pretty cool, though quite crude looking. A mask like this would never pass muster these days.

    The second item is a handbill (advertisement) that was handed out at Disneyland when folks walked in the front gate. I have one similar to it.

    I can't remember what I paid for my handbill. I don't think they're worth much more than $20.

    The third item is a 1963 Disneyland guidebook. These guide books were sold at the Emporium and at various suivenir kiosks thruout Disneyland. They usually sell for between $10-$50 on ebay, with the exceptions being the first Disneyland guidebook which can command up to $200 on ebay, and the 1967 "Walt Disney's Summer '67" guide book. Up until ebay came around this guide was considered quite rare, but now it's significantly more attainable than in years past.

    For most collectibles nowadays (especially in this economy) these items are worth only what someone is willing to pay for them. If you want to sell them, you should just list them on ebay and let the market decide.
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      Re: I need your help

      At a guess the masks look like they could be 1950s and the price of 29 cents also suggests this. The masks look uncannily like the Mickey character that roamed the park in the mid 50s despite the grotesque appearance. The handbill is around $20 to $30.
      You could try contacting Disney Archives at Burbank
      or Phil Sears collectibles. Email Phil at: with attached photos. He's the best in the (officbusinessially recognised by Disney)and would give you an honest opinion. The may raise more cash on a specific Disney site but any seller would want their cut.
      I'd try to get a valuation on everything before putting on Ebay.
      I'm not trying to get your hopes up but think you should seek some advice before putting up for sale.
      It all depends if a collector wants the items or not.
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        Re: I need your help

        thank you for your help. I do not plan on selling these, I was just wanting info.. the mask is what throws me the most.. I cant find another anywhere.


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          Re: I need your help

          In that case I'd drop a line to Disney Archives with a picture and just ask if they have any info that could help identify the masks:

          Dave Smith, Chief Archivist, Disney Archives, Walt Disney Studios, 500 S. Buena Vista Street
          Burbank, CA. 91506
          Now I'll turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic !


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