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A Trip to Disneyland - On My Desk!


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  • A Trip to Disneyland - On My Desk!

    We're going to venture a few daring inches from my monitor into the world of Olszewski!

    So join me as I pass through the shrinking ray and view the world of Z-scale!

    Our first stop is Fantasyland to see the towering 4 1/2 inch Sleeping Beauty Castle!

    Let's take a stroll around the mote, shall we?

    If viewing the castle in Z-Scale wasn't chilling enough, just wait until you see our next destination!

    Looks like there's a light crowd today....*wink wink* why not hop on?

    A foreboding queue awaits!

    Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize!

    Hurry back, hurry back! Be sure to bring your authenticity certificate!

    We voyage across the Carpet Sea into a new world of Disney Magic!

    The Magic Kingdom!

    Looks like sunset!! *hides lamp*

    Well, it looks like our trip has sadly come to an end!

    Until next time! *zaps you back to life size*

    Now out of my room!

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    Re: A Trip to Disneyland - On My Desk!

    Cool photos. I love how the Olszewski's look so realistic!


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      Re: A Trip to Disneyland - On My Desk!

      Nice model!
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