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DelivEARS Review


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  • DelivEARS Review

    We purchased some posters of the Haunted Mansion stretching portraits from DelivEARS, or what used to be called DelivEARS anyway. I am shocked on how well the whole process went. I ordered the items last monday and it only took a few minutes, the CM who took the order was incredibly nice. Each one of the portraits cost $20 which, i thought, was reasonable. What really sucks is the shipping which is $17 per tube with 2 posters per tube. The shipping was really fast and the posters were packed very nicely.

    Good Job Disney! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs to get anything from one of the parks.
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    Re: DelivEARS Review

    I'm glad you brought this up. There are a lot of people who don't even know this is an option. In my opinion, it is much cheaper and safer to buy theme park items direct from Disney than to take your chances with various fan shops (some of which have very spotty records).

    Disney DelivEars can be reached by phone at 1-800-362-4533

    This week, Disney has gone a step further and makes it even easier for theme park fans to find park merchandise online and buy it through the safety and security of the's new Theme Park Merchandise Store: Disney Parks | Disney Store
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      Re: DelivEARS Review

      Yes the DelivEARS option is great and like Dust said they now offer Disney Park merch through there site the only thing I wish, is that they had more Disney Park merch on the site.


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        Re: DelivEARS Review

        I agree that Delivears is preety good most of the time. I had a billing error that they corrected as soon as I called them about it this past summer. One odd thing about that same bill was the HM carpet bag I bought from the o-pin house - it cost me $25 to have it shipped, where someone else I know who did the same was only charged $14.

        They were having some issues with their phone lines on the 10th and 11th of this month. I tried calling them for a hour and a half on the 10th to order one of the artisan watches that were released on 9/9/09 and I kept getting a ping noise (like you hear if you call a fax machine). I finally got thru and placed my order; they called me back the next day b/c the gal that took my order transposed some of my credit card numbers and I could not return their call again....thank God for caller id!
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          Re: DelivEARS Review

          I have also had good experiences with Disney DelivEARS. The castmembers on the phone were always very courteous and patient with my many questions. Shipping was reasonable and quick, though I've only ordered pins thus far. In particular, I appreciate this service for the ability to get "Limited Release" pins that I REALLY want when I know I won't be making it to the park.

          Also, even though this is a different arm of Disney, has great service as well. I've ordered pins there as well and I've been pleased with the experience. In particular, when I had issues with my order, the lady on the phone was SO nice and VERY courteous. She asked if she could call me by my first name, which I felt was a very classy touch. Any how, I was thoroughly wowed and would definitely shop with ASAP.

          Have fun fellow shoppers!


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