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  • Handcar Builder's Plate Reproductions

    Hi all,

    As some of you know, a few of us train nuts have been having reproduction "builder's plates" from the Disneyland Railroad crafted as exacting, limited-edition collectibles in either brass or aluminum.

    The next offering is the plate from the yellow "handcar" that Walt Disney received shortly after Disneyland opened, and which is often seen in front of Main Stree Station.

    The plate can be seen in this photo, under the handcar's deck, directly below the large red drive wheel of the Ripley. Here's a closeup of the plate as it looks today:

    Our craftsman, Wayne, has taken great pains to replicate this unique piece of Disney history. The plate is reproduced to the exact same specificationas as the original (measurements provided by Disneyland Railroad personnel). Every letter has been hand-placed on the master pattern to match the original, copying even the somewhat-uneven lettering below "Kalamazoo."

    Here are the test samples:

    Please bear in mind these are aluminum samples. The "gold" one has been painted that color to simulate brass. If you've ever seen Wayne's polished brass plates, you know they are beautiful works of art.

    The plates are available in the following configurations:

    Aluminum Plate ground only, $25
    Aluminum plate, ground, and drilled, no paint, $35
    Aluminum plate, finished gold and drilled, $50

    Brass plate, rough ground un-mach., $55
    Brass plate, drilled, smooth ground , $65
    Brass Plate, mach. ground, satin finished, $89

    Shipping and insurance in the USA for up to four (4) plates per box is $13
    (PA has a 6% sales tax).

    You can get an Order Form either in Word format:

    or PDF:

    No one from Burnsland, nor myself, make any money off these plates. Wayne, the pattern maker, is the only person who makes money on these plates, but that's only fair: He charges us nothing to create the patterns for them--he basically does all the hard work, up front, for free.

    Please note this is a LIMITED TIME opportunity. Any orders received after October 20, 2009 will be rejected. As I recall, the Ward Kimball builder's plate we did last year had an edition size of about 25, so don't wait too long to place your order. When we say "limited edition," we're not talking Disney's idea of a pin in a "limited edition" of 300.

    Oh, and just a heads-up--we will be doing the final builder's plate in our small series--the Ernest S. Marsh, before Christmas. I will post details as they are available.

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