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Jungle Cruise Shadowbox by Dave Avanzino

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  • Jungle Cruise Shadowbox by Dave Avanzino

    Hi there collectors. I'm happy to announce that my Jungle Cruise Icon Letter shadowbox will be available this Saturday at the Disneyland 55th Anniversary signing event. I wasn't sure that they would be here in time but they made it. I'm not sure of the retail yet but I wanted to get the word out that they would be available. I will part of the signing event from 9-11am so I hope to see you there.

    J - Jungle Cruise Entry Sign
    U - Tribal Headdress
    N - Trader Sam’s Skulls
    G - Animals of the Jungle Cruise
    L - Ship’s Boiler
    E - Bamboo Railings & Decor

    C- Half Eaten Life Preserver
    R - Plants of the Jungle Cruise
    U - Skipper’s Microphone
    I -Cambodian Temple
    S - Python
    E - Overturned Car

    BIG DISCLAIMER- I was told that they are in the warehouse and they have been requested for the event Saturday. There is the possibility that something may happen between now and then that prevents them from being there. If that happens, please understand that some things are out of my control and also the control of the people I work with. Hopefully it will all go as planned and be great!

    The Jungle Cruise piece will also be available at Walt Disney World at some point but I"m not sure when.

    Here are some other pieces that will be available that day too. The frist is my limited edition paper sculpture featuring elements from some of the classic attraction posters.

    This image is also available as Deluxe Print. This is the first time a Deluxe Print of my artwork has been offered at Disneyland.

    Finally, I also have a limited edition mixed media paper sculpture for the 60th Anniversary of Cinderella. It retails for $800 and there are 4 available at Disneyland. 7 more are available at Walt Disney World.

    I hope you find something that you like and I hope to see you there on Saturday.

    Dave Avanzino
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    Re: Jungle Cruise Shadowbox by Dave Avanzino

    Great news! Looks like I'll be on the phone with DelivEARs sometime soon for the Jungle Cruise box and a Deluxe Print of the 55th. I love the Cinderella one too--if that's ever in a more-affordable-for-me version I'm all over it too. Have fun Saturday!


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      Re: Jungle Cruise Shadowbox by Dave Avanzino

      Was able to get both the jungle cruise Shadowbox and the 55th anniversary one. I was very anxious all weekend as DeliverEARS was closed. First thing this morning I called and I was on hold for 15 minutes. The cast member told me that the call before mine was for the same items. She wasn't sure if they had any left and told me they would call me back. After 30 minutes I received a call with the good news. Seems that the next two calls after mine were for the 55th anniversary shadowbox as well. Not sure how many were actually left, but I know she said they were selling fast.


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        Re: Jungle Cruise Shadowbox by Dave Avanzino

        Was out of town for a week so couldn't get my order in right away. Happily they still had a Jungle Cruise and it arrived today. It is gorgeous Dave! I love what you are doing with these. Would love to see Splash Mountain done next


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          Re: Jungle Cruise Shadowbox by Dave Avanzino

          Originally posted by Dr. G View Post
          Would love to see Splash Mountain done next
          Agree 100%! And looking forward to the Magic Kingdom 40th anniversary one you announced on Facebook!
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