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Disneyland/Walt Disney World tobacco shops - Disney brand pipes?


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  • Disneyland/Walt Disney World tobacco shops - Disney brand pipes?

    Posted in the Disneyland section, since I've only ever been to the (old) Disneyland Tobacco Shop, but another poster suggested I ask here. I hadn't noticed this forum before. Not just a cross-post - going to rewrite a bit.

    I smoke a pipe now, but I collected pipes even as a little kid. I preferred them over toys, actually. When I was at DL in '91 at age 12 (my first and, until this October, only trip to a Disney park), the Main Street Tobacco Shop was still open. I purchased two pipes there: a cheap Medico in a sort of Yachtsman shape, and a nice calabash gourd with what I was guaranteed by the salesman was genuine meerschaum (it was actually porcelain, and I later had a shop replace it with a meerschaum bowl). I still have the calabash, and if I have the Medico it's in a box in the attic. Neither had any Disney specific markings.

    I've been told that there are pipes with Disneyland and Walt Disney World nomenclature (stamping/logo) on them. I've seen photos online of the following:
    --A dark red-brown stained bent billiard with a flat heel (a sitter), a striated lucite ferrule and a nice thin stem. This one has a heavily carved surface.
    --A large-bowled billiard with a long shank, almost a Canadian shape.
    --Another that IS a Canadian, with a very long shank.
    --A Ropp brand cherrywood - like most Ropps (French-made) the bark is left on, and this one had a wide bowl with eight panels, four with bark and four polished, and a cherry branch shank.
    These all had "Walt Disney World" stamped on the shank, the 'D' being a large open almost-square containing the globe-with-ears logo, as well as (copyright) Walt Disney Productions, excepting the Ropp which is (like most Ropps) stamped on the underside of the bowl as well as having a plainer logo. The Ropp had a Mickey head outline stamped onto the side of the stem, and the Canadian had a white Mickey-shaped dot in the same place.
    I've also heard of, but not seen pictures of, long clays with Indian faces painted on, and wooden pipes with carved faces, and I can imagine Disney meerschaums, though if they exist from the parks' tobacco shops (and not individual, personal commissions to carvers, which have become much more common in the last ten years than they ever were in the past) I'd be surprised. About the only carver doing really unusual subject matter in meerschaum in the 1970s and 1980s was the now retired Ismet Bekler, the most famous Turkish carver, but I've never seen any Disney-themed meerschaum, anywhere. I HAVE seen some recent custom commissions of other properties (LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) and I've seen a sort of alien guy from Bekler (think Roman gladiator meets Star Trek Vulcan) but no Disney characters. Not to say they don't exist - I can think of a few Disney characters I'd love to have as face/head meerschaums (Robin Hood, Mufasa, etc.) and I HOPE the parks' shops sold/marked some, whether or not they were carved as characters.

    I'd really love to find a pipe marked Disney, Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Ebay has turned up nothing, any time I've searched. I'm hoping someone here might have one they'd be willing to part with. It'd get displayed, and (if it's not the sort intended only for decoration, such as the long and decorated clays usually are) I may puff it at the park(s) whenever I visit - in designated areas only, of course. I'm a very respectful smoker, though I do have a tendency to walk around with an unlit, empty pipe in my teeth. It'd be nice to head to Disney for the first time in 19 years with an official Disney pipe, of any kind.

    If anyone sees a tall guy with a pipe, wearing a black suit and a fedora-crease Panama hat in Disneyland or DCA between Oct. 28-Nov. 3, there's a 99% chance it's me. I say 99% because, just my luck, someone else will just happen to be there and fit that description. If you see me and wanna chat fountain tech geek stuff, say hello - I'm going only partly to return to Disneyland; naturally, the drive to get me back there is World of Color. Water shows are my passion.
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