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More Tron garbage...


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  • More Tron garbage...

    I'm already getting sick of Tron and the film has not even come out yet! First, there was ElecTRONica, then announcement of the cross-over with Marvel comic books, and now an official line of overpriced TRON clothing & jewelery for women and drag queens?

    Want to look like a cheap hooker that will set you back $800 bucks? Now, come on, do these shoes really look worth $795, they look perfect for any stripper working Comic-Con?

    There NOT even "Stiletto" shoes!

    Those shoes aren't the only items in the collection from various designers. This cheap looking necklace will set you back a whopping $2,600! I bet its made in China. Why would anyone wear sterling silver at that price???

    The price for the gear ranges from as low as $90 to $2,600, which includes earrings and cheap looking belts like this (below)

    Disney hired LA jewelry designer Han Cholo, who???

    BUT a different product, this is the coolest thing to come out of the Tron hoopla...

    Suit sells complete with four pieces for $995 (USD). You can buy the jacket for $498, pants for $269, gloves for $79, and the boots for $149 as separates. They do light up.
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    Re: More Tron garbage...

    Such a hater. tsk tsk.

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      Re: More Tron garbage...

      Enjoy the TRON overload now, because 6 months from now we will be in Pirates overload mode, again
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        Re: More Tron garbage...

        Ii'm thinking I can't wait for pirate overload again )
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          Re: More Tron garbage...

          These products/images have been around for a while now. I wouldn't mind the motorcycle suit.


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            Re: More Tron garbage...

            I'm seriously thinking about the suit for Comic Con
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              Re: More Tron garbage...

              Rather have this stuff then Pirates.


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                Re: More Tron garbage...

                Agreed Trekkie!
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