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it's a small world 50th aniv. clock


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  • it's a small world 50th aniv. clock

    Can anyone help me with my "it's a small world" clock.
    Most of us will know this clock, it was a 50th aniv. Limited edition.
    I have been struggeling with mine for some time now because it will not do anything.

    I got the instructions with wich it came, but I can't get it to work apart from the quartz clock in the center. What I also don't understand is, how does it work and WHEN does it work..

    I got sort of an answer from one of the designers saying that if the music-box is wound and the battery's are good it should go do it's trick, but WHEN does it do that ? does it work as soon and as long as the music-box is wound or does it wait for a trigger ?

    I opened the bottom of the clock and found a little circuit-board, 2 electric motors and some wiring, I can't see any brown pieces where something has fried so I think everything is in order.
    There is a IC on the board that could be replaced, the numbers are on it so I looked it up and it is a microcomputer ( AT 89c2051-24Pi ) but I'm hessitant to simply replace it, I don't know if it looses it's functions if you take it out of it's socket.

    Can anybody help me out ?
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    Re: it's a small world 50th aniv. clock

    Well, the 50th anniversary of small world hasn't happened yet, so I'm thinking you mean the clock that Kevin and Jody did for Disneyland's which case I didn't know it had any computer circuitry in it - thought it was all mechanical!
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      Re: it's a small world 50th aniv. clock

      As you were told:

      Fresh batteries.

      Wind the large gold windmill on the right side.

      That's it. The doors will swing open, music box playing, and the figures will emerge and move around the track.

      In other words, it will work as soon as the music box is wound, and stop working when the winding runs down. The figures are not connected to the clock in any way.
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        Re: it's a small world 50th aniv. clock

        Has anybody here have this clock ?
        If someone has got one that works, maybe you could make a video of the clock 'in action' ?
        I'd like to see what happens when it is completely functioning.

        Thanks in advance.!


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          Re: it's a small world 50th aniv. clock

          This is what happens, in my previous post: "The doors will swing open, music box playing, and the figures will emerge and move around the track."
          Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.


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            Re: it's a small world 50th aniv. clock

            Yeah Fukai, I've read both posts, but if someone has the 'clock' wich is essentially just a musicbox, he of she could make a vid of the action.

            I'm thinking of altering the music-box into a working clock.
            I should not be al that difficult to make the clock make the movement in 60 min. intervalls.

            It would be just a question of switching it to 'on' on the hour and then it should do it's thing every hour, on the hour. That would be nice.

            The first difficulty is to make the music box work using an electric motor, but that shouldn't be al to much of a problem.

            I'll keep you posted.


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              Re: it's a small world 50th aniv. clock

              I'm getting close to solving my issues. : First of all, the clock isn't a clock at all, but just a music box, I've been talking to people and am now really into making it a real clock.! what am I going to do:

              I've opened the back of the castle and removed the music-box. I've bought one that will run on a battery and will connect it to the original movement cogs.

              Furthermore, I'm going to make a timing device in the clock so that every 60 mins, the movement will take place. In the mean time, I've learned a lot about how the movement works and, am now looking for somebody that can make me the controlling / timing unit to replace the original one. But... I'm getting there !

              Soon (I hope) updates will follow....


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