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Autopia Mark VI Discovery

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  • Autopia Mark VI Discovery

    I recently acquired an original Autopia Mark VI. It needs restored but appears to be mostly complete. Anyone have one or know where I can get information on it? I have been researching online but can't find any recent pictures of another car. Any information would be a big help.

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    Re: Autopia Mark VI Discovery

    Hi! I know this is an old thread but did you ever get anywhere with the Autopia car? I have one and a few other ride cars and could possibly help or take it off your hands!



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      Re: Autopia Mark VI Discovery

      I haven't started on the car yet but plan to get it painted and running soon. If you could send me pictures of your car I would like to see them. My plan is to sale the car once restored unless I got an offer I couldn't refuse as is.

      Thanks for your reply.