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Can somebody help me find an old model railroading video starring Ward Kimball?


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  • Can somebody help me find an old model railroading video starring Ward Kimball?

    Hello. I am trying to find an old video of YouTube, but I don't remember the title, person who posted it, or any other details. I did not favorite it or anything, so I have no leads.

    But I DO remember the parts of the video. It's a two parter, and is kind of grainy. If I were to pinpoint a time, I would say around the 70's to 80's, not really sure. Please note that I saw this video a LONG time ago, so some things may seem a bit rough around the edges when I give the details, so please bear with me.

    Part 1 starts off with a shot of a Railroad Depot, most likely from Grizzly Flats, with Ward Kimball resting in it. He wakes up and recollects on his days as an engineer, and then he takes out, I believe to be, an O Scale Santa Fe Super Chief. He blows and wipes the dust off the locomotive. And I do remember him specifically saying," And that's what out story's all about". The scene then changes to a model railroad set in the mountains with many trains and trestles and what not as the title of the video comes up.

    Ward Kimball starts narrating a comedic sketch of the history of model trains. I can still remember a couple of scene. The first one starts with a caveman...and he bites a bone. That's all I remember. Another one is where a Chinese Man is experimenting with a model train. He lights up the smoke stack, tries to encourage it to move along with some hand gestures, and the train explodes. Another scene I remember is when a trio of Abraham Lincoln look-alike's gather around a model train. It moves, falls off the table, and explodes.

    Ward then explains a little information on model trains. I don't remember much, but I do remember that he tries to name off the many scales of model railroading and he talks SUPER fast while a bunch of equations fly past the screen and he comes up with the acronym: HO.G.N.Z.O, or something around that. He follows that up with a scene where he lines up O, HO, N, Z, and G Scale Santa Fe Super Chiefs to compare sizes.

    The next segments shows a man going to a model shop and coming out with his hands laden with boxes upon boxes of stuff. The scene after that shows that he set up the tracks in the kitchen, and we get a short little comedy skit of the train going past many kitchen utensils, food, and what not. It even went through a tunnel made from a hallowed out piece of bread. The scene ends with the train track collapsing into the sink. The train comically tries to pull itself up the track, but the steep angle forces it down into the sink.

    The man proceeds to build a model railroad in his garage; a simple, flat board that he paints green and places track, buildings, trees, and railroad cars onto. Comical sound effects play throughout this scene. It then transitions to night, and a whole model town lights up int the dark. What follows next is a small montage of model trains running through a model railroad mountain seen during the title screen.

    Part 1 ends with Ward Kimball giving a small lecture on expanding your layout from a simple oval, with white lines representing the track. First he adds a spur, then a sideline, then a station yard, and he just keeps on adding more and more track until the entire screen is filled with white lines.

    Part 1 ends here.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Part 2 begins where part 1 left off. The diagram slowly fades away to the face of a model railroad controller speaking into his headset. It is soon revealed that a huge O Scale model railroad operation is going on, and a control booth full of operators are manning the trains in a realistic yard like manner. Below the operation, a wire sparks and an error occurs, causing all trains to go ahead at top speed with no control. The whole scene becomes a frenzy, with people in the operating room constantly switching tracks to keep trains from colliding, and a lot of shots of near misses as well, while a man goes below the layout to try and repair the wire. He fixes it just in time as a shot of a steam locomotive almost rides off the edge of the layout. The credits soon roll by.

    I saw this video WAAAY back when I first got my YouTube account, and for Nostalgic purposes, as well as Ward Kimball fottage, I need some assistance trying to find this video. If you know of it, please reply as soon as possible. I tried searching myself, but I came up with 0 results. Thank you for taking the time to read, and quite possibly, help me with this. It's really appreciated.

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    Re: Can somebody help me find an old model railroading video starring Ward Kimball?

    Perhaps you are looking for this...Ward Kimball Tomorrow at Grizzly Flats. The vide is in 4 parts and was from Tomorrow with Tom Snyder.



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