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What happened to Their Web site vanished!..


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  • What happened to Their Web site vanished!..


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this..

    The NFFC (National Fantasy Fan Club).. has held twice yearly (January and July) conventions, followed by a Sunday public sale, at a hotel near Disneyland for a loooooooooong time.. I haven't been to one since 2003, and used to get mailed postcard invitations to them, which stopped coming years ago..

    Their web site was, but the site now returns a "Forbidden" page..

    Email to bounces..

    Can someone tell me if they operate under a new name, and have a different / new Web site?.. They just held their usual July show and sale a couple of weeks ago.. my Brother attended, but trying to get any information out of him is useless..

    If anyone knows if the NFFC still exists under that name, or changed their name, or what their current Web site address is, I'd really appreciate that information..

    They DO have a fb page, where I asked these same questions, but it is marked as "scheduled to be archived".. as in.. no one is maintaining it, and no one answered my question about the disappearance of their Web site..

    Any current, CORRECT information about the NFFC - the address of their current Web site, if one still exists, their email address, if they've changed their name, how to get ahold of them.. whatever you can provide, would be most appreciated..


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    Re: What happened to Their Web site vanished!..

    They changed the name last year. Here's a link to the current website for the Club...

    Disneyana Fan Club | preserving and sharing the rich legacy of Walt Disney


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      Re: What happened to Their Web site vanished!..

      Thanks much..

      Y'know.. it's not that hard to keep an old domain name registered, and just have it re-direct to a new Web address.. I've been Googling around for days, trying to figure this out.. their new site doesn't even say "Formerly the 'NFFC' on its home page".. Click image for larger version

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      Thanks again..


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