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Funko Pop! Vinyl's


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  • Funko Pop! Vinyl's

    Does anyone collect these new Vinyls. I saw series 2 at the D23 expo and my interest was peeked then went home and looked up series 1 online and bought two immediately on eBay. I forsee this becoming my 'Vinylmation'.

    Series 1 included:

    1. Mickey Mouse
    2. Buzz Lightyear
    3. Woody
    4. Sully
    5. Mike Wazowski
    6. Pinnocho
    7. Jiminy Cricket
    8. Snow White
    9. Maleficent
    10. Tinkerbell
    11. Cruella De Vil
    12. Stitch

    There were four exclusive figure released at SDCC including
    1. Metallic Mickey Mouse
    2. Retro Mr. Incredible
    3. Glow-In-The-Dark Mike Wazowski
    4. Flocked Sully

    As well as 2 9" exclusives
    1. Metallic Buzz Lightyear
    2. Metallic Malefiecent

    Series 2 includes:
    13. Lotso
    14. George Sanderson
    15. Jack Skellington
    16. Sally
    17. Mr. Incredible
    18. Syndrom
    19. Jessie
    20. Boo
    21. Belle
    22. The Beast
    23. Minnie
    24. Steamboat Willie

    With 2 exclusive to D23 Expo 2011

    1. Flocked Lotso

    As well as 9" Metallic Steamboat Willie

    Series 3 is rumored to have Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, Ursala, Toy Story Alien, Zurg, Elastigirl and Edna Mode
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    Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

    Yes I collect these so far I have are from series 1 Cruella,Sully & Mike. I want Jiminy and I haven't seen him yet at the stores or haven't seen Snow White. All the others I have seen. From two I want Belle,Beast and maybe Lotso. From that list for series 3 I would like to get Ariel,Hook & Peter.

    ---------- Post added 08-22-2011 at 11:03 AM ----------

    Here are photos of the 3 I have.





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      Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

      I traveled to the Brea Mall, Cerritos Mall, and Lakewood Mall and got all of the Pop! Series one except Stitch. I may have to get him online.


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        Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

        Stitch is out from the Disney I've been checking up on there. I do see they have Jiminy still but as of right now I don't have the money to get him. I hope he be around in 3 weeks when I can get him.


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          Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

          Haha, the only one I got is Stitch!

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            Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

            I know have all the regular series 1 and Sully Chase

            As well as the Mr Incredible and Lotso Chase from Series 2


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              Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

              Rabbit where did u get Jiminy at was he at your Disney Store or did u get him from online?


              • #8
                Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                Jiminy Cricket I found at the Lakewood Center Mall. Also Maleficent the other hard to find Pop! was on the shelves at the Cerritos Mall.


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                  Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                  Just order Jiminy today from the Disney Store online so I should get him sometime next week.


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                    Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                    I got my Retro Mr. Incredible in the mail yesterday. I'll I need now is my Stitch to come in, and I need to order LE Mickey, and Glow Mike.


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                      Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                      I wonder when series 2 is coming out. The first ones I want to get are Belle & Beast.


                      • #12
                        Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                        The Beast was the only figure of Series 2 that was not released at D23 so I imagine he will be this series Stitch. So snag him when you can. They should be getting released any day now. So check your Disney Stores on Tuesday (Delivery Day).


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                          Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                          Hey Rabbit The Disney store on the net has them now all but Beast. I just came back from my store and they didn't have series 2 yet. So when I came home I just order Belle. So besides Jiminy I will be getting Belle as well.


                          • #14
                            Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                            Just got Jiminy Cricket from POP today in the mail.

                            All I need to come now is Belle.


                            • #15
                              Re: Funko Pop! Vinyl's

                              Just got Belle today and the first from series 2.


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