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WDW Pirates of the Caribbean Mock Up

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  • WDW Pirates of the Caribbean Mock Up

    I purchased my WDW Haunted Mansion on Saturday at the Magic Kingdom and it is of course amazing, and it was wonderful to meet Mr Olszewski again.

    He did have the prototype for a future piece ... WDW's Pirates of the Caribbean. Personally, I was underwhelmed.

    This might be the first piece I skip. Your thoughts?

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    Re: WDW Pirates of the Caribbean Mock Up

    Hard to tell since this is still a rough model. For the most part, I've been delighted with all of the Olszewski pieces (and I have them all except for the new WDW Mansion which I've yet to pick up).

    I have a feeling that once painted and completed with props and lighting, this piece will look great.
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      Re: WDW Pirates of the Caribbean Mock Up

      Thanks for the photos. I am not buying the WDW pieces, but I have no doubt this will a beautiful piece. The WDW Pirates building is just less prominent and distinctive than the Disneyland one, but this should still be a cool piece. I wonder if the inserts will be the same or if it will get one unique one like the Mansion.


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        Re: WDW Pirates of the Caribbean Mock Up

        Well let's face it, WDW's Pirates has the most lack-luster of the facades out there. I commend him for trying and for making the fortress structure stand out more in his model than it does in reality at the park.


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          Re: WDW Pirates of the Caribbean Mock Up

          Color and detail will make a world of difference in the end. Foam mock ups just don't "pop" the way the final product does.