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Olszewskis for 2012


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  • Olszewskis for 2012

    I assume since the information has been posted elsewhere, it's free use to discuss it here, so I'll let 'er rip.

    OK, in short - Fantasyland platform preorders in February for I believe $365, but I don't think they'll take all the money at once. They didn't do that for Main Street on initial release, so probably 183 down payment I should think. We'll see. Expect a BIG box leaning against your house in May.

    DISNEYLAND is getting the 20K sub release event! And at only $95, it's something I certainly really want. Who cares what park it is unique to, it's an iconic Disney model that I'm sure will attract a lot of attention. Out in either March or April.

    Last wave of the MSEP (To Honor America) is scheduled for July. Think it got bumped off of March by the sub, but I'm not complaining. Kind of fitting to have around the park anniversary and the 4th of July anyway.

    Looking at late fall for Storybook Land, my money is on a November release for the Christmas season. Given its the only major Olszewski for Disneyland, lots of time to save up for it. Haven't heard a price point, but given the size, I expect it to be steep.

    I feel like I am forgetting something minor... something small... oh yeah...

    We're getting another Disneyland n-scale train, this time it's the CK Holiday. Olszewski is not making the train, another company is. And no, it's not Bachmann. I think it's coming in May or June if I recall correctly. I do NOT think its a limited edition like the Ripley was, so EVERYONE can finally get their train for Main Street and/or Fantasyland.

    Oh, and one last thing... channeling Steve Jobs here, sorry...


    ...ahem... pardon me, I'm a bit excited about that one.

    We're FINALLY getting new accessory vehicles and characters and other set dressings for Main Street and NOS in July (God willing...). There is a buzz we MAY get a holiday accessory pack before the holiday season 2012 as well.

    Again, I did get all this from outside sources on the internet, so I am claiming free use. I was not there (enjoying an Eastern Kentucky snowfall, actually), but am happy others were so we can discuss all the news.

    And... go.

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    Re: Olszewskis for 2012

    I had seen $395 for the Fantasyland platform price. So probably around $200 due in February.


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      Re: Olszewskis for 2012

      Argh, I inverted the central number. Thanks for the correction.


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        Re: Olszewskis for 2012

        The accessory packs are one of the things I'm most excited for. I came into the game late, so I missed out on most of the initial releases. I haven't felt like paying Ebay prices for a vendor cart or balloon seller so this is a win for me.

        As for the CK Holiday train, I wonder if everything will be included to set up a running train around the platform. Didn't Olszewski Studios offer a track set exclusively though their store for the Bachmann set?

        The only big disappointment for me was the Primeval World is still on hold status, but it looks like the Matterhorn is getting closer to reality...


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          Re: Olszewskis for 2012

          I'm a big Olszewski fan. I'm sure all of these pieces will make it into my collection - I just can't help myself.
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            Re: Olszewskis for 2012

            Yes, the did offer the track kit, in fact it may still be available through Bob's website. I got a kit myself, but just never set up the kit. I'm a bit behind on my modifications to be honest. But I want the accessory kits almost more than the Fantasyland pieces right now.

            Y'know, something else not mentioned in reports but talked about a while back was the possibility of an adaptor set up to power the lights for Monsanto on Main Street. Granted, there are directions to make it work now, but it involves soldering, which is something I have zero experience with. Hope something like that comes about just to round out my platform and to make it easier to move and remove Monsanto, depending on the "look" you want your Main Street to have.


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