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Olszewski Update - NFFC Disneyana Show and Sale


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  • Olszewski Update - NFFC Disneyana Show and Sale

    Hi everybody,
    I had not been paying total attention to the Twitter feed and missed Cindy Stephens update (aka Colddeadfish) from the NFFC Disneyana Show this past weekend; she indicates that her web blog will updated this coming weekend. So I thought sharing some of the highlights was in order.
    • MSEP set #5 expected to be released December 2012 at an estimated cost of $155-$165.
    • Storybookland/Caser Jr. has been pushed back to Spring 2013, though I think this was already expected.
    • Three (3) sets of character/vehicle packs are being prepped, each will have 2 bases, 2 sets of character and 2 vehicles. Each pack will be in the $125-$145 range and are due out Winter 2013.
      • Package #1 - Castle Path (fuzzy photo) with 4th of July banners, Princess character pack, yellow horseless carriage. Sidewalk with Street backdrop with 4th of July banners, Dapper Dan's character pack and Horse Drawn Streetcar.
      • Package #2 - Sidewalk with Street back drop with 4th of July banners, Fab Five character pack, red Fire Truck. Town Square back drop with Flag Pole and 4th of July banners, Main Street Marching Band, Pin Trading Cart with Vendor and Umbrella.
      • Package #3 - Sidewalk with Street back drop with 4th of July banners, Balloon vendor and Popcorn Cart with Vendor and Drink Cart (is this new?) and Omnibus. Town Square back drop with Christmas Tree and banners, Main Street Carolers and Horse Drawn Streetcar.
      • NOTE - THese are standalone vignettes with trees and other details. Be sure to checkout Cindy's website later this weekend for photo's. (Olszewski Disneyland miniatures, Gallery of Light, Heirloom Boxes and more)

    • The holiday overlay pack (4th of July, Christmas and Halloween) are planned for December 2012 and are expected to include the Mickey Pumpkin.
    • The Mickey Pumpkin is also expected to be included in the character pack which includes the Fab 5 in Halloween costumes, due out Fall 2013.
    • The Magic Kingdom Main Street Platform has been moved to 2013, no other details.
    • Magic Kingdom's Ice Cream Corner moved to December 2012, range of $155-$165.
    • Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean piece has been moved to early 2014.
    • Fantasyland Platform plexiglass cover can be ordered directly from American Plastics, please contact either Armando or Robert.
    • Magic Kingdom's Casey's Corner release has been moved to Summer 2013.
    • Bob was also displaying a nice paper mockup of the Skyway Chalet. No other details provided at this time.

    That should do it for now.


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