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Disney D-Tech iPhone 5 cases?

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  • Disney D-Tech iPhone 5 cases?

    Does anyone know when Disney will be releasing iPhone 5 cases for there current iPhone line-up cases? I would really love of the cases but there only for the previous models.
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    Re: Disney D-Tech iPhone 5 cases?

    If there is a way to make $$ off of them they will make them. So I'd expect to see them soon.

    Anybody remember how long it took to get the 4/4s cases? Probably around the same amount of time.


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      Re: Disney D-Tech iPhone 5 cases?

      Some manufacturers just started production of their cases and are now shipping them. So I would think they'll be showing up soon, and if not within the next couple of months.


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        Re: Disney D-Tech iPhone 5 cases?

        Late November.

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