Please help me find these! I would really like to own or at least read these books regarding the Disneyland Railroad:

By Steve DeGaetano:
All Aboard The Disneyland Railroad
From Plantation to Theme Park: The Story of Disneyland Railroad Locomotive #5, the Ward Kimball

By Michael Broggie:
Walt Disney's Railroad Story

It seems that at least two of these are out of print and hard to find at an affordable price. I would be happy to know of a Southern California library that owns a copy I could borrow, or even someone that would sell secondhand or let me borrow personally for a nominal fee.

I also welcome any recommendations for further reading on the topic of the DLRR. My knowledge comes mostly from Steve's posts and articles on this site, as well as from a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum. Otherwise I am fairly unfamiliar with anything other than a very basic history of railroading.